More Cruises Ships Connect to Juneau's Local Electrical Grid?

   March 5, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Juneau officials are currently exploring the idea of expanding the cruise port's infrastructure in order to allow more ships to connect to the local electrical grid and cut down on dock-side emissions.

Since 2001, Princess Cruises has been connecting to shore power at a Juneau city dock, paying the local utility around US$1 million each summer for the hook-up. However, that is the only dock in Juneau capable of supplying power.

The infrastructure would be expanded under a proposal which was submitted in 2019 by Juneau's Commission on Sustainability. It recommends using US$3.5 million from the port city's marine passenger fee from a US$5 head tax on cruise passengers.

Port of Juneau (Alaska)

In another recommendation, City Manager Rorie Watt suggests using US$250,000 from these fees to further study the idea.

Building the required infrastructure is costly and the cruise season lasts for about 4 months. According to a feasibility study from 2016, building a new facility supplying power to 1 dock would cost almost US$13 million.