Bordeaux Air Draught Allows Larger Ships Up River

   May 4, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

In late 2018 were finalized the works on matching the height of the powerlines to two bridges in Bordeaux France (Gironde River cruise port). Hence all 3 currently have an air draught to 53 meters allowing larger ships upriver. Downtown's berths are able to accommodate vessels up to 262 meters in length.

In 2019, there are 57 calls and a total of 45,000 passengers visiting, with around 90% being overnight and some staying for 2 nights.

Port of Bordeaux (France)

Presently nearly 80% of visits are from smaller, luxury ships coming into Bordeaux downtown while 20% are from the bigger ships, stopping in Le Verdon (at Gironde 's mouth). Although nautically easy, it's 2 hours’ drive from Bordeaux.

This is the reason why there is a project to develop a brand new facility at Pauillac, that is worth visiting in its own right, being the 18th century and situated just ten minutes from some of the world's most popular wine estates. La Route du Vin takes travellers into Bordeaux 1 hour’s drive away, along a pretty road with opportunities for stops.

A new pontoon, 700 meters from downtown, is envisaged. A walking path will also be created between the two. Technical studies have established that dredging would not give rise to any pollution. A floating pontoon is preferable to ad fixed one, because of the 5-meter tides.

The Pauillac facility will cater for vessels up to 360 meters in length and with 10-meter draught. There is strong support for a terminal and the next step is to design and finance the project.