Floatplane Crashes in Ketchikan Trying to Land Between Cruise Ships

   June 30, 2019 ,   Accidents

A floatplane crashed in Alaska while attempting to land between a pair of cruise ships, making it the 3rd seaplane accident in the area in just 2 months.

The floatplane carrying 5 people crashed into the water off Ketchikan AK on Thursday, June 27. The aircraft missed a number of vessels anchored in the bay, vessels which rushed to assist the aircraft after it came down.

Port of Ketchikan (Revillagigedo Island, Alaska)

Image: Port of Ketchikan (Revillagigedo Island, Alaska)

No injuries were reported among those onboard, and all 5 - a pilot and 4 passengers - were rescued from the water. According to Ketchikan Police Department Deputy Chief, Eric Mattson, at least one person had been taken to hospital, "possibly to be treated for minor injuries."

After arriving at the scene, the police could see the plane 150-200 yards out to sea. A number of watercraft were rendering aid. A 30-foot fishing ship eventually brought the passengers to the dock and they were met by emergency personnel.

Passengers on Seabourn Sojourn described their shock watching the floatplane come down in the bay.