GBP 38 Million Funding Approved for Isle of Man Ferry Terminal

   July 17, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Manx government funding was approved for a GBP 38 million passenger ferry terminal in Liverpool despite costs growing by over 1/5.

The project, that received planning permission in April 2019, will cost GBP 6.5 million more than originally estimated as the need for "additional structural and construction work" on the site and the quay walls were blamed for putting up costs. The investment was approved despite a bid to adjourn the debate.

Kate Beecroft MHK called for "more time" to consider detailed information about the new development, that had been given to politicians. However, Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer said that a delay in granting funding could leave the ferries unable to sail to Liverpool during 2021 season.

Isle of Man (Douglas, UK)

According to the member for ports, Tim Baker MHK, additional construction works costing £6.5 million "were not immediately apparent when the budget numbers were set".

The new ferry terminal will be able to accommodate up to 200 vehicles and 1,000 passengers. The facility, that is due to open in March 2021, will be constructed at Princes Half Tide Dock, around 2200 ft (670 m) from the existing terminal at Pier Head.

When finished, the terminal is to be leased to Isle of Man Steam Packet Company.