Hurtigruten to Add New eSled Snowmobiles

   September 16, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Hurtigruten’s land-based adventure travel company Hurtigruten Svalbard announced a new partnership with the Finnish company Aurora Powertrains. The deal is one of a kind in the history of snowmobiles and starts a new era of emission-free and silent snowmobiling.

Debuting in winter 2019, Hurtigruten’s eSled snowmobiles will provide cruise travelers memorable shore excursions / wilderness experiences on Svalbard islands in the Norway's Arctic.

Svalbard Islands (Arctic Norway)

With the backdrop of snow-capped mountains, cruisers will explore the Arctic landscape with clean and silent outdoor adventures under the northern lights.

In order to fully utilize the green potential in the operation of electric snowmobiles, Hurtigruten Svalbard revealed it will set up a separate power supply such as solar panels, windmill and battery packs for energy storage. Assemblin AS delivers the complete renewable energy solution.