Aurora Expeditions Celebrates the Christening of Greg Mortimer

   November 1, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Aurora Expeditions celebrated the christening of their highly anticipated ship, Greg Mortimer, on Thursday, October 31.

In an official ceremony set against the mountains of Ushuaia, co-founder of Aurora Expeditions and the ship's Godmother, Margaret Mortimer, smashed a ceremonial piece of Antarctic ice against the first passenger expedition ship in the world featuring the Ulstein X-BOW. Alongside Margaret was her husband, famous explorer and co-founder of Aurora Expeditions, Greg Mortimer, who the vessel is named after.

Greg Mortimer cruise ship

As the world's first passenger ship to utilize the patented Ulstein X-BOW technology, an inverted bow design enabling a ship to pierce waves with greater stability than a traditional bow, Greg Mortimer is set to transform the experience of navigating the heaviest seas of the world, particularly Drake Passage.

The novel-shaped X-BOW created by renowned Norwegian ship designer, Ulstein, absorbs the waves' force more consistently across its surface, improving steadiness and comfort, fuel efficiency and minimizes vibrations and disruptions to marine life.