Malta to Malta Cruises

   November 15, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

If you’re looking to both start and end your vacation in a tropical paradise, a Malta to Malta Cruise could be just the thing you need. Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. It stays pleasantly warm all year long (though if you’re looking to swim, go in the summer), has beautiful clean beaches, is surrounded by crystal blue water, and has plenty of attractions to visit.

Malta to Malta Cruises

Where do you go on a Malta to Malta cruise?

A Malta to Malta cruise typically starts in the city of Valletta, which is the capital of Malta. From there, most cruises will hit up ports throughout Italy and Spain over the course of a week, before returning to Malta. Exact itineraries will vary upon the cruise line.

What is a cruise line that offers Malta to Malta cruises?

P&O Cruises is one of the cruise lines that offer Malta to Malta cruises every year. They are currently accepting reservations for 2020. Port stops will include locations throughout the West Mediterranean, Greek Isles and Croatian Coast. The cruise will take place on the P&O Oceana, a family-friendly ship that offers kid clubs, spas, lounges, restaurants, and more.

What are the best ways to get to Malta?

If you’re interested in going on a Malta to Malta cruise, you’ll first need to get to Malta! Malta is only reachable by boat or by air. Some individuals opt to first to catch a cruise out of Europe to get to Malta, before getting on the Malta to Malta cruise. If you only want to book one cruise, however, you should plan on catching a flight to Malta.

You should first determine the days of your cruise before booking your flight. Check out this article about the best ways to get flights to Malta by Choice holidays for additional tips on how to how to get a bargain on flights. For example, most assume that the only way to get a cheap flight is to book months in advance, but some of the airlines that fly to Malta offer discounted tickets in the weeks leading up to the flight.

Why stop at Malta?

If you’re considering traveling to Malta to catch a cruise, it is recommended that you add some extra days onto your trip! There is plenty to do and see in Malta. This tiny island offers a mix of both modern and historic cultures.

Individuals that want to enjoy a beach holiday before getting on their cruise should find a hotel in Sliema, which is Malta’s resort town. From Sliema, it is easy to get to Golden Bay Beach, which is one of the largest sandy beaches on the island. Golden Bay is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and watersports. It is a popular snorkeling location because of how calm the waters are. After hitting up the beach, you can venture into Sliema to enjoy an evening of shopping. Or, you could check out one of the restaurants in the area to sample some traditional Maltese food.

For individuals that are more interested in history, they should find a hotel in the city of Valletta. Valletta is not only the capital of Malta, but it is also a World Heritage site that is full of historical locations. There are plenty of tourists that spend days in Valletta without stepping foot onto other parts of the island. The most popular tourist attraction is St. John’s Co-Cathedral. The interior of the cathedral is richly decorated and shows how important religion was during the reign of the Order of the Knights of St. John.

What should you know before arriving in Malta?

No matter if you’re planning on spending a few days in Malta or are planning on staying just long enough to get on your cruise, there are some important transportation tips to keep in mind.

Many assume that since Malta is so small, it is easy to get around. However, because of how densely populated Malta is, the roads are often crowded. Give yourself plenty of travel time when going from town to town. The most reliable and cost-efficient form of travel is the bus, so make sure to check bus schedules in advance of your arrival.

Final thoughts

A Malta to Malta cruise provides the option for tourists to spend a few days soaking up the sun or exploring the island before getting on a cruise that will allow them to explore the surrounding countries. If you’re interested in traveling in 2020, start making your plans now!