Coronavirus cruise ship disembarks passengers in Savona

   March 22, 2020 ,   Accidents

On Saturday, March 21, Costa Luminosa, which had at least 3 Coronavirus (COVID-19) confirmed cases, continued the passenger debarkation in homeport Savona Italy. The vessel was allowed to dock despite the country being in lockdown since March 9.

The maritime authorities are still carrying out health checks after the process resumed on Sunday. The Italian cruise company said that 198 passengers (113 Italian and 85 Swiss guests) had disembarked, out of a total of 716. 

On Friday, 721 people left Luminosa during a stop in Marseille, including French, Austrian, German, American and Canadian travelers. The same day, a jet with 359 people (including Americans and Canadians) landed at Atlanta Airport as emergency responders prepared to screen them for COVID-19.

Three people on the flight tested positive for the virus but had no symptoms, while thirteen others are sick but have not been tested, the USA's Department of Health and Human Services revealed. Some passengers complained there had been no medical personnel provided by the US government or the cruise company and that they had not been given much food in 24 hours. 

Luminosa was earlier denied permission to disembark its 1400+ passengers in Spain.

Costa Cruises said that 3x Luminosa passengers who had been removed from the liner in the Cayman Islands and Puerto Rico had tested positive for Coronavirus, including a 68-year-old man who had died last weekend. On Monday, 2 passengers with respiratory problems and one with fever were transported from the cruise ship to the hospital when Luminosa stopped for provisions in the Canaries.

Costa Cruises revealed there were 5 passengers and 2 crew members onboard with "flu-like" symptoms.

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