Carnival Luminosa

Former name: Costa Luminosa

Carnival Luminosa current position

Carnival Luminosa current location is at South Pacific Ocean (coordinates -21.46106 S / 168.64876 E) cruising at speed of 21.9 kn (41 km/h | 25 mph) en route to Noumea. The AIS position was reported 31 minutes ago.

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Current itinerary of Carnival Luminosa

Carnival Luminosa current cruise is 7 days, round-trip South Pacific. The itinerary starts on 03 Dec, 2023 and ends on 10 Dec, 2023.

Date / TimePort
03 Dec 16:00    Departing from Brisbane, Queensland Australia hotels
06 Dec 08:00 - 17:00    Lifou Island, New Caledonia
07 Dec 08:00 - 17:00    Mystery Island, Aneityum, Vanuatu
08 Dec 07:00 - 12:00    Noumea, Grande Terre Island New Caledonia
10 Dec 08:00    Arriving in Brisbane, Queensland Australia hotels

Specifications of Carnival Luminosa

Year of build2009  /  Age: 14
Flag state Bahamas
BuilderFincantieri (Marghera, Italy)
Building costEUR 450 million (USD 550 million)
Speed23 kn / 43 km/h / 26 mph
Length (LOA)294 m / 965 ft
Beam (width)35 m / 115 ft
Gross Tonnage92720 gt
Passengers2260 - 2712
Passengers-to-space ratio34
Decks with cabins6
Last Refurbishment2022
Sister-shipsCosta Deliziosa
Former namesCosta Luminosa
Christened byNoa Vezzali & Valentina Vezzali (Costa Luminosa)
OwnerCarnival Corporation & PLC
OperatorCarnival Cruise Line

Carnival Luminosa Itineraries

DateItineraryDeparture PortPrice from
2023 Nov 30 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane
2023 Dec 03 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane
2023 Dec 10 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane
2023 Dec 14 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane
2023 Dec 17 9 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane
2023 Dec 26 8 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane
2024 Jan 03 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane
2024 Jan 07 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $1920
2024 Jan 14 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $560
2024 Jan 21 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $429
2024 Jan 28 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $282
2024 Feb 01 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $206
2024 Feb 04 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $442
2024 Feb 11 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $373
2024 Feb 18 11 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $819
2024 Feb 29 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $214
2024 Mar 03 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $363
2024 Mar 10 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $302
2024 Mar 14 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $217
2024 Mar 17 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $392
2024 Mar 24 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $299
2024 Mar 28 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $383
2024 Apr 01 30 days, one-way from Brisbane to Seattle Brisbane $2819
2024 May 01 8 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $829
2024 May 09 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $679
2024 May 16 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $689
2024 May 23 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $729
2024 May 30 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $789
2024 Jun 06 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $929
2024 Jun 13 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $939
2024 Jun 20 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $979
2024 Jun 27 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $969
2024 Jul 04 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $959
2024 Jul 11 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $969
2024 Jul 18 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $929
2024 Jul 25 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $919
2024 Aug 01 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $849
2024 Aug 08 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $839
2024 Aug 15 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $759
2024 Aug 22 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $749
2024 Aug 29 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $719
2024 Sep 05 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $789
2024 Sep 12 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $799
2024 Sep 19 23 days, one-way from Seattle to Sydney Seattle $1339
2024 Oct 12 4 days, round-trip Tangalooma - Moreton Island Sydney $328
2024 Nov 07 3 days, one-way from Sydney to Brisbane Sydney $237
2024 Nov 10 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $472
2024 Nov 17 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $731
2024 Nov 24 11 days, round-trip Papua New Guinea Brisbane $817
2024 Dec 05 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $221
2024 Dec 08 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $460
2024 Dec 15 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $306
2024 Dec 19 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $625
2024 Dec 26 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $325
2024 Dec 29 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $655
2025 Jan 05 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $351
2025 Jan 09 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $319
2025 Jan 12 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $494
2025 Jan 19 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $527
2025 Jan 26 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $403
2025 Feb 02 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $306
2025 Feb 06 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $228
2025 Feb 09 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $395
2025 Feb 16 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $462
2025 Feb 23 11 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $789
2025 Mar 06 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $228
2025 Mar 09 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $306
2025 Mar 13 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $228
2025 Mar 16 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $466
2025 Mar 23 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $390
2025 Mar 30 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $306
2025 Apr 03 28 days, one-way from Brisbane to Seattle Brisbane $2859
2025 May 01 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $709
2025 May 08 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $709
2025 May 15 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $729
2025 May 22 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $779
2025 May 29 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $859
2025 Jun 05 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $899
2025 Jun 12 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $919
2025 Jun 19 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $919
2025 Jun 26 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $959
2025 Jul 03 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $969
2025 Jul 10 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $969
2025 Jul 17 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $969
2025 Jul 24 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $969
2025 Jul 31 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $899
2025 Aug 07 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $849
2025 Aug 14 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $819
2025 Aug 21 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $809
2025 Aug 28 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $779
2025 Sep 04 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $769
2025 Sep 11 7 days, round-trip Alaska Seattle $769
2025 Nov 23 11 days, round-trip Papua New Guinea Brisbane $1249
2025 Dec 04 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $228
2025 Dec 07 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $468
2025 Dec 14 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $312
2025 Dec 18 8 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $742
2025 Dec 26 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $332
2025 Dec 29 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $657
2026 Jan 05 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $325
2026 Jan 08 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $325
2026 Jan 11 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $527
2026 Jan 18 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $540
2026 Jan 25 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $416
2026 Feb 01 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $312
2026 Feb 05 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $234
2026 Feb 08 6 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $397
2026 Feb 14 8 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $462
2026 Feb 22 11 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $794
2026 Mar 05 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $234
2026 Mar 08 7 days, round-trip Great Barrier Reef Brisbane $475
2026 Mar 15 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $312
2026 Mar 19 3 days, round-trip Getaway Brisbane $234
2026 Mar 22 7 days, round-trip South Pacific Brisbane $403
2026 Mar 29 4 days, round-trip Airlie Beach Brisbane $312

Carnival Luminosa Review

Review of Carnival Luminosa

The 2009-built (as Costa Luminosa) cruise ship Carnival Luminosa was Costa Cruises' first of two LUMINOSA-class liners, followed by the sistership Costa Deliziosa (2010).

Under the "COSTA by CARNIVAL" brand, the vessel (IMO number 9398905) is currently Bahamas-flagged (MMSI 311001201) and registered in Nassau. Before the transfer to CCL, Luminosa was briefly Portugal/Madeira-flagged (MMSI 255804260) and registered in Funchal. Initially, Costa Luminosa was Italy-flagged (MMSI 247257900) and registered in Genoa.

On June 15, 2022, CCL-Carnival Cruise Line announced that Costa Luminosa will be transferred from Costa to CCL in September and renamed "Carnival Luminosa". Luminosa's acquisition followed the shipowner Carnival Corporation's decision for Costa to keep Costa Magica in the fleet.

Since November 2022, Carnival Luminosa operates Australia and New Zealand roundtrips from Brisbane (Queensland Australia).

When the announcement for Luminosa's acquisition by Carnival was made (June 15, 2022), the ship's schedule listed a total of 173x future voyages (itineraries with departures between June 19, 2022, and April 16, 2024). Following the announcement, all voyages between/including Sept 4, 2022, and April 14, 2024 (151x total) were canceled. Luminosa's last cruise for Costa was on Aug 28, 2022 (7-day roundtrip from Trieste Italy). Luminosa's last drydock refurbishment by Costa was in 2017.

Note: On June 23, 2021, CCL announced plans to add two additional ships to its fleet by 2023. The vessels included an EXCEL-class newbuild 2023 (Carnival Jubilee/originally was assigned to AIDA) and Costa Magica.

History - construction and ownership

Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) is a US shipping company, trademarked brand and subsidiary of Carnival Corporation (shipowner). CCL was founded in 1972 as an independent company by Ted Arison (1924-1999, co-founder of NCL Norwegian). Carnival Cruise Lines has Corporation's largest fleet as both a number of vessels and GT tonnage (ship sizes and capacities). CCL has over 1/5 of the cruise industry's worldwide market.

Carnival Luminosa cruise ship (Costa Luminosa)

The 2800-passenger ship Costa Luminosa is a vessel served by professional staff and crew, but also by Peper robots - the latest cyborg technology implemented fleetwide in 2016. These humanoid robots greet and guide passengers upon embarkation. They also assist them throughout the cruise by providing information and tips on onboard dining, entertainment, enrichment program (workshops, pre-scheduled events), casino and shopping promotions, shore excursions and tours. Pepper robots are mobile and communicate in 3 languages (English, German, Italian). They can also interpret human emotions by analyzing voice tones and facial expressions.

Decks and Cabins

Carnival Luminosa staterooms (1130 total, in 27 grades) include 54x Suites, 718x Balconies, 90x Oceanviews, 268x Inside, and 56x Spa cabins. Wheelchair-accessible cabins are 23. There are also 56x Spa Staterooms (including 4x Spa Suites, 38x Spa Balcony, 14x Spa Inside).

The largest accommodations are the Grand Vista Suites (570-735 ft2 / 53-68 m2) also featuring wraparound terraces with forward or aft views.

The boat has 12 passenger decks, of which 6 are with cabins.

15x elevators (passenger lifts/4x forward, 4x aft, and 7x midship/of which 3x are panoramic, with glass walls) interconnect all cabin decks. The forward lifts access all decks but Observation (deck 12).

Shipboard dining options - Food and Drinks

(deck 2) Bonsai Sushi Express (complimentary dining option at Taste Bar, open 5-8:15 pm)

(deck 2) Plaza Bar with a stage

(decks 2-3) Altair Nightclub (2-level/2-deck Disco Nightclub, with DJ programming nightly)

(deck 2) Piano Bar 88 (cocktail bar) offers themed music nights, a grand piano for live performances by a resident pianist, singalongs, trivia quizzes. The bar is among the best places for pre-dinner drinks and singing.

(decks 2-3) Archipelago Restaurant and Vela Restaurant are complimentary, waiter-served Main Dining Room restaurants for Breakfast, Brunch (seadays only), Lunch (seadays only) and Dinner. On portdays, Breakfast is served between 7:30-9:30 am (closed for lunch). Dining Room hours are subject to change due to itinerary/port of call arrival times or scheduled onboard activities. On seadays, one MDR serves Punchliner Comedy Brunch (breakfast and lunch /between 8:30 am - 1 pm) while the other MDR serves Breakfast (between 8-10 am) and Lunch (between 12-noon - 1:30 pm). Afternoon Tea service (between 3-4 pm /seadays only, complimentary) includes a selection of teas, mini sandwiches, sweets. Dinner (seadays/portdays) is with 2 fixed/pre-assigned seatings - Early (at 6 pm) and Late (at 8:15 pm), plus Anytime/Your Time Dining between 5:45-9:30 pm). Dr Seuss-themed "Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast" (cover charge pp, reservations recommended) is once per cruise (on a seaday /itinerary based) at 8:30 am and 9:30 am. The dining experience features Dr Seuss character visits, waiters in special uniforms, themed decoration, unique menu.

(deck 3) JavaBlue Cafe (open between 7-10 am, and between 4 pm - 12:30-midnight) is a specialty patisserie/coffee bar. The a la carte priced menu includes coffees (cappuccino, latte, mochaccino), espresso, Javablue Drip, chi tea latte, hot chocolate, spiked coffees (Caribbean, Mexican, Irish, Chocolate Lovers), iced coffees, milkshakes, specialty teas, bottled water, Perrier, San Pellegrino (1L), desserts (Blue Velvet Cake, cheesecakes, cookies, chocolate-covered strawberries, flavored syrups, ice cream scoops).

(deck 3) Alchemy Bar is a vintage-themed cocktail bar/pharmacy where professional mixologists (dressed in lab coats) serve handcrafted cocktails and made-to-order drinks from unique ingredients.

Dining venues on Deck 9 (pool deck) include Redfrog Bar, Carnival Deli, Pizzeria del Capitano, Lido Marketplace, and Ol' Fashioned BBQ.

Redfrog Rum Bar & Grill is an outdoor poolside bar with the best Caribbean rums, bottled Caribbean beers (Presidente, Kalik, Red Stripe, Corona, Corona Light, Dos Equis), draft beers (ThirstyFrog Red brew, Presidente brew), Red's Beer Cocktail, frozens, cocktails, mojitos, margaritas, soft beverages. The bar also sells beer buckets and Carnival souvenir glasses. Draft beers are served/priced in pints (19 oz / 560 ml) and tubes (101 oz / 3 L).

Carnival Deli (complimentary, open between 11 am - 11 pm) offers hot/cold sandwiches and sides and has a draft beer dispenser (for ThirstyFrog Red and Bud Light).

Pizzeria del Capitano (complimentary, 24-hour, self-serve) is equipped with a wood-fired oven and offers fresh-baked pizzas (Margherita, Pepperoni, Napolitana, Capricciosa, Calzone), pan pizza, Caesar salad, also made-to-order pies.

Lido Marketplace is the ship's complimentary self-service buffet restaurant for open-seating Breakfast (7:30 am - 12-noon /made-to-order omelet station), Lunch (12-noon - 2:30 pm), Dinner (6-9:30 pm /Good Eats buffet) and for Late Night Snacks (11 pm - 1 am). Good Eats buffet menu is a Main Dining Room dinner alternative offering steaks, prime rib, grilled chicken, pasta, salads, desserts, daily Chef's Special. Lido Marketplace consists of various take-away food stations and themed food bars. Among those are Carnival Deli (sandwiches, draught beer dispenser), Mongolian Wok (stir-fry, made-to-order Asian food /you choose the ingredients), The Captain's Pasta Bar (choice of 3 pastas, 4 sauces, 12 toppings), Salad Bar (35 items), Pizza Pirate (24-hour Pizzeria), Chef's Choice Bar (international cuisine /different menu each day), Hot and Cold Buffet (stir-fry, pastas, carving station), Grille (ham-cheese-veggie burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken fritters/sandwiches, sauteed mushrooms/onions, sauerkraut, Chili con Carne, homemade tortillas-chips-salsa), Dessert Bar (incl sugar-free items). There are also (self-serve, complimentary, 24-hour) tea/coffee station and machines for soft ice cream and yogurt. Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet (complimentary) is on the last sea day (7-day and longer cruise itineraries) and offers chocolate smorgasbord, chocolate fountain, cakes (incl pear, orange, cheesecake, dry fruit, diet).

Ol' Fashioned BBQ is a complimentary restaurant for lunch, offering barbecue grill specialties (including braised pork butt, smoked beef, grilled chicken), sides (including mac-n-cheese, molasses baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad), sauces, and desserts.

Midship on Deck 10 is Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse (open between 6-9:30 pm). This premium steakhouse-seafood restaurant is at a surcharge and reservations are recommended. The cover charge fee includes 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert and gratuity. Steakhouse's menu has starters (escargots, grilled mushroom, tuna tartare, shrimp cocktail, crab cake, lobster bisque, onion soup), salads (Caesar, spinach/mushrooms, iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomato), sides (Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Mushrooms, Creamed Spinach, Steamed Broccoli), entrees (prime-aged beef steaks - 14oz NY strip loin, 18oz rib and 18oz ribeye, 9oz filet mignon, lamb chops, chicken, Maine lobster, fish fillet from the market /itinerary based), desserts (cheesecake, caramelized apples, chocolate sampler, fresh fruits, selections of cheeses, sherbets and ice creams). The Steakhouse also serves beverages (bar prices apply) - fresh coffee/tea, dessert wines and after-dinner drinks. The food is wheeled on a cart to your table for examination. A cooking demonstration offers an hour-long presentation from a team of chefs. The dress code is Elegant (jeans permitted). At the steakhouse can also be made reservations (bookings) for the Chef's Table (private dinner package).

Carnival Luminosa cruise ship (Costa Luminosa)

Shipboard entertainment options - Fun and Sport

(decks 1-2-3) Luminosa Theater (capacity of 800 seats, is the ship's 3-level/3-deck main show lounge for grand-style show productions featuring live performances (tribute acts - singing and dancing) combined with sound and lighting special effects. The evening shows are 30 minutes. The music is backed by high-definition graphics (photos and videos) projected on large-size LED screens. The evening entertainment program also offers popular family game shows (like "Love and Marriage") and guest performers (stand-up comedy acts, magicians, musicians). The ship's theater lounge also hosts the "Playlist Productions" (live stage musical revues) and "Hasbro The Game Show" (interactive board games). The daily program includes seminars, expert lectures, multimedia presentations, workshops and classes, and bingo sessions).

(deck 2) Luminosa Casino with its own Casino Bar is a Vegas-style gambling casino equipped with various slot machines (200+ Coinless Fun Slot Machines) and gaming tables (Craps, Roulette, Black Jack 21, Caribbean Stud Poker, dealer-free poker tables). The Casino also provides complimentary gambling lessons and hosts regularly gambling tournaments. Guests can pay in cash or with their S&S cards sign and sail/backed by the credit card given at check-in). Traveler's checks can be cashed at the Cashier's Window (casino cage). Table games are cash only. Slot machines are S&S cards only (coinless). The opening hours on seadays are - slots (9 am), select tables (10 am), all games (12-noon - 3 am), but may vary depending on itinerary port times. The Casino is closed when the ship is in port, and opens 30-60 min after the ship leaves port. On Carnival ships calling overnight on Nassau Bahamas, the Casino stays open. On Carnival ships in Half Moon Cay (CCL's private Bahamian island) the Casino opens at management's discretion. Smoking is allowed only on designated slot machines and gaming tables. Carnival chips are fleet-transferable and generic (logoed). MegaCash is the world's largest jackpot that can be won on a cruise ship – over USD 1 million.

(deck 2) Carnival Adventures/Shore Excursions Desk provides information on Carnival cruise tours and excursions (sponsored by the line and offered for each port on the current itinerary), also planning and booking services.

(deck 2) Guest Services (Reception/Purser Desk) provides 24-hour assistance, information, bookings/reservations, luggage and cashier services.

On Deck 2 are also located Art Gallery, Supernova Atrium's Lobby Bar (Atrium's lowest level 1 of 10). Carnival Luminosa's 10-deck-high Atrium has as a centerpiece a bronze sculpture titled "Reclining Woman 2004" The monumental artwork was specially commissioned for the transferred from Costa to Carnival liner from Fernando Botero Angulo (1932-born Colombian sculptor and figurative artist). The unique multi-million-dollar sculpture has length 11+ ft (3,5 m) and weighs ~1 ton. The ship's artworks also include a collection of 120 Murano glass light fixtures and chandeliers.

(deck 3) Limelight Lounge (the place for the Punchliner Comedy Club) offers live evening entertainment by vocalists, musicians, comedians, and karaoke.

(deck 3) The Carnival Store / The Fun Shops is the duty-free shopping arcade of stores (open between 8 am - 12 midnight) selling Carnival Cruise Lines logo merchandise (ship models, fun wear/apparel), Special Occasions (gifts, souvenirs, packages), name-brand boutique merchandise (luxury jewelry-watches, designer bags-hats-shoes-fashion-accessories-sunglasses, perfumes-cosmetics-beauty products), also liquor-tobaccos and conveniences.

(deck 3) Galleria Shops and Gift Shops (duty-free jewels, watches, perfumes, apparel, tobacco, liquor).

(deck 3) The Library is a small bar lounge offering books and board games (Hasbro-branded, chess), a large HDTV, comfortable armchairs, and high chairs by the bar. It is served by a librarian (who doubles as a bartender) and sells alcohol drinks by the glass (blended/single malt whiskeys, bourbons, cognacs, brandies, rums, cordials, liqueurs), specialty cocktails. The library also has 2 wine vending machines (self-serve enomatic machines) for wine tasting. A choice of 8 different wines is dispensed in portions of 2-4-6 oz (60-120-180 mi).

On Deck 3 are also located Pixels Photo Gallery and Shop (sells photo-video equipment and accessories, displays and sells photos made by the ship's professional photographers), Dreams Studio (for photo sessions).

Forward on decks 9-10 is the Cloud 9 SPA & Fitness Center (Luminosa's 2-velel/2-deck wellness center sized 37675 ft2 / 3500 m2). The lower level (deck 9) houses a Hydrotherapy Pool, Thermal Suites, Treatment Rooms, Beauty Salon & Barber Shop, Ladies'/Men's Locker Room. The Upper level (deck 10) houses the Relaxation Lounge, Fitness Studio, Saunas, Ladies'/Men's Locker Room.

The fore-located Cloud 9 Spa and Fitness Center (open between 6 am - 11 pm) is the wellness complex. It consists of Gymnasium (complimentary, floor-ceiling windows, equipped with free weights /TROY dumbbells, weight machines, treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, recumbent exercise cycles, Concept 2/indoor rowing machines, Kinesis wall), Fitness Studio (for classes), Fitness Desk (assistance), Beauty Salon (facials, manicure/pedicure, hair styling-cutting-coloring, eyebrow shaping, makeup, waxing, grooming-barbering, teeth whitening, Medi-Spa), 15x Treatment Rooms (incl for acupuncture, hot stone, Botox, body wraps), VIP and VIP Couples (massage rooms / private suites with whirlpools), Thalassotherapy pool (mineral-rich seawater, temperature 33 C / 91 F, hydrotherapy jets, covered by a glass roof), Spa Reception, separate male/female lockers (2 changing rooms, each with complimentary sauna/steam room/showers).

  • The lockers' showers are glass-enclosed and multi-jet. Showerheads are massaging (1 rain head above, 4 sides).
  • The Thermal Suite consists of 4 heat therapy chambers - Tepidarium (relaxation room with heated loungers /ergonomically shaped, 38 C / 100 F), Laconium (dry heat bath, 55-65 C / 131-149 F), Aroma Steam Bath (aromatic steam grotto, 40-50 C / 104-112 F), Oriental Steam Bath (aka Caldarium, high humidity heat, 40-50 C / 104-112 F).
  • ZSPA (teen spa treatments for teenagers 12-17 yo) include facials, massages, scrubs, manicures/pedicures, hair styling-coloring-cutting.
  • To utilize the Cloud 9 Spa facilities (treatment rooms, Thalassotherapy Pool, Thermal Suite) passengers must be at least 18 yo. They should wear bathing suits during massages and wraps. Teenagers (12-17 yo) are allowed to use the wellness facilities (fitness/spa) only when accompanied by an adult. Daily are scheduled complimentary health seminars (fitness-wellness-beauty) themed on aging, posture, detox, dieting, weight loss, skincare, pro-collagen, acne attack /teens).
  • Some fitness classes are complimentary (aerobics, stretching, abs, body conditioning, Tai Chi) and some are at fee pp (Yoga, Pilates, spinning, boot camp, indoor cycling, personal training sessions). Follows the list of offered on CCL cruises fitness classes (led by professional trainers/in brackets are shown duration in minutes) - Personal Training (60 min/ up to 3 courses), Nutritional Consultation (60 min), Metabolism Test (30 min), Boot Camp (4-day body sculpturing), Tour de Cycle (45 min/indoor cycling), Pathway to Yoga (45 min), Pathway to Pilates (45 min).
  • Thermal Suite facilities offer unlimited access to passengers booked in Carnival Radiance Spa rooms. Depending on the itinerary length, full-cruise Thermal Suite passes are priced differently.
  • Carnival Cloud 9 Spa menu of treatments (facials and massages) includes (duration in minutes) - Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy (50-75 min), Thai Herbal Poultice Massage (75 min), Bamboo Massage (50-75 min), Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual (100 min), Elemis Face and Body Sensation (50 min), Swedish or Couples Massage (50 min), Reflexology Massage (50 min), Elemis Deep Tissue Muscle Massage (50 min), Villa Massage and Bathing Ritual (75 min), Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction (3x treatments/50 min each), Bliss fatgirlslim (75 min), Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy (50 min), Elemis Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow (50-75 min), Elemis Aroma Spa Seaweed Massage (75-100 min), Tooth Whitening (30 min/free consultation), Elemis Pro-Collagen Grooming Treatment with Shave (55 min), Elemis Express Shave (30 min), Elemis Deep Cleanse Grooming Treatment with Shave (45 min), Elemis Skin IQ for Men Facial (50 min), Elemis Urban Cleanse for Men Facial (50 min).
  • Carnival Cloud 9's Medi-Spa treatments include - Acupuncture (50-75 min), Medi-Spa Cosmetic Treatments (free doctor consultation), Dermal Filler Treatments (30 min), BOTOX Cosmetic, DYSPORT Wrinkle Treatments (30 min/FDA approved). All Medi-Spa treatments are administered on the ship by a dedicated physician (licensed medical doctor).
  • Carnival Cloud 9's ZSPA treatments (for teenagers 12-17 yo) include - Fabulously Fruity Facial (50 min), Acne Attack Facial (50 min), Heavenly Massage (50 min), Paradise Massage (25-50 min/mother and daughter), Chill Out Massage (25-50 min/father and son), Surfers Scrub (25 min), Fitness Frenzy (3x boot camp classes), Magical Manicure (25 min), Sole Mate (45 min). Beauty Salon services for teens include - boys (30 min/cutting only), boys and girls (120 min/cutting and coloring), girls (60 min/cutting, 30-min hairstyling). ZSPA services are available between 8 am - 8 pm. Upon booking treatments, teens must be accompanied by an adult (parent/guardian) who completes and signs the ZSPA form.

Aft on Deck 9 is the Serenity Pool & Bar (adults-only sundeck with a swimming pool). The waiter-served bar offers drinks and refreshments - cocktails, beer/buckets, wine, frozens, smoothies, shakes, soda. The sundeck is complimentary (free entry) and accessible anytime, but Serenity Bar and the whirlpools are available between 8 am - 10 pm only. Hours may vary depending on cruise itinerary, portdays/seadays, weather.

(deck 10) Carnival Seaside Theatre is a complimentary outdoor cinema with a huge LED screen. The Cinema also has a stage (for live performances and games) and is used daily for showing funny videos, TV shows, concerts, live sporting events, and nightly for watching movies with complimentary provided popcorn. A Sliding Sky Dome covers Luminosa's Lido pool area (deck 9 below).

Aft-starboard on Deck 10 is the Putting Green (9-hole Mini-Golf Course).

On Deck 11 are the Sports Court (combined Basketball-Volleyball Court/aft) and the Power Walking/Jogging Track (midship).

Deck 12 is the top-deck/outdoor observation area (positioned aft) furnished with padded loungers and deckchairs for relaxation. The Observation Deck is accessed only via outdoor stairs.

Carnival Luminosa cruise ship (Costa Luminosa)

Kids and Teens

Next are reviewed venues and activities onboard Carnival Luminosa specifically designed for kids and teenagers.

(deck 2) The Warehouse (video arcade /branded name) is open 24 hours for both kids and adults. The Arcade is supervised by dedicated staff and has foosball (air hockey) tables, a photo kiosk, popular merchandising games (incl skeeball) and arcade machines. All machines are coinless (payable via S&S cards only). The daily arcade play limit can be adjusted by parents/guardians upon request. Among the available for playing games are Redemption Games (E-ticket rewards are loaded to the S&S card and at any time can be redeemed for prizes /self-serve prize hub in the arcade), Self-Merchandisers (games of skill /electronic prizes at the machine), latest arcades (car-racing, dance, bike simulators, first-person shooters).

(deck 3) Circle C (teenagers-only/children club lounge area for 12-14 yo) provides video games, movies, parties, planned activities. The programs are supervised and complimentary.

(deck 10) Camp Ocean (fka Camp Carnival) is the ship's kids complex providing supervision by counselors age-appropriate activities and themed entertainment for 3 age groups - 2-5 yo (PENGUINS), 6-8 yo (STINGRAYS), 9-11 yo (SHARKS), plus NIGHT OWLS (babysitting services/kids 6 months to 11 yo). Each group has its own room and dedicated staff. Camp Ocean's themed programming on select nights offers additional parties (at surcharge per kid) including "Owl Jams" (2-11 yo, 10 pm - 12-midnight /challenges, hide and seek, music), "Fun Til One" (6-8 yo, 10 pm - 1 am /video gaming, dancing, singing) and "Fun At Sea" (9-11 yo, 10 pm - 1 am /video gaming, sports events, pizza). Snacks and beverages are included. Camp Ocean also has an Outdoor Playground for kids (on Deck 11 above).

Aft on Deck 10 is Club O2 - the teen-only club lounge for movies, video games, karaoke, themed parties, booking teen-only shore excursions.

CARNIVAL Luminosa Itineraries

Carnival Luminosa's itinerary program is based on Australia-New Zealand voyages (roundtrips from homeport Brisbane, Queensland Australia) and Alaskan voyages from Seattle (Washington USA). Transpacific crossings on relocation between Australia and Alaska via Hawaii ( are offered seasonally.

Out of Brisbane QLD, Carnival Luminosa visits Queensland's top travel destinations Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach, Cairns, Port Douglas and Willis Island, as well as New Caledonia's Noumea/Grande Terre island and Lifou Island, Vanuatu's Port Vila/Efate Island and Aneityum/Mystery Island, Fiji, PNG-Papua New Guinea.

Seasonally (during summer), Luminosa is deployed in Alaska (the inaugural Alaskan season starts in May 2023) for 7-day roundtrips from Seattle WA visiting the Alaskan destinations Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point/Hoonah, Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, as well as Victoria (BC Canada). The program also includes northbound and southbound Transpacific crossings ( between Australia and the USA via Hawaii (Honolulu).

In 2023-2024, Carnival Luminosa cruises to New Zealand. The 8- to 11-night itineraries visit NZ's Wellington and Dunedin/Port Chalmers, in combination with Vanuatu and New Caledonia. New 3-4-night short breaks visit Airlie Beach.

COSTA Luminosa itineraries

Costa Luminosa's itinerary program was initially based on 10-day Caribbean roundtrips out of homeport Miami Florida USA. In the summer, Luminosa operated in Europe on Mediterranean and Baltic itineraries (leaving from Stockholm and Sankt Petersburg Russia), with Transatlantic crossings on seasonal relocation ().

In January 2018, Costa Luminosa started a 106-night / 107-day World Cruise (itinerary January 6 - April 22) roundtrip from Venice Italy, The around-the-world voyage visited a total of 41 ports and popular travel destinations, like the Caribbean, Panama Canal (transit), Pacific Mexico, USA (California, Hawaii), South Pacific Islands, Australia, Indonesia, Southeast Asia (Singapore / 2 overnights), Suez Canal (transit), For the full list of ports of call see in the ship's wiki section.

For winter 2020-2021 Costa planned for Luminosa a South America program based on 7-night roundtrips from Santos (Brazil) visiting Buenos Aires (Argentina), Itajai (Brazil), and Montevideo (Uruguay). However, this program was canceled and replaced with Eastern Mediterranean (Adriatic) roundtrips leaving from Italy to ports in Greece and Croatia.

Costa Luminosa's 2022-2023-2024 schedule listed mainly 7-day Mediterranean itineraries leaving from homeports in Italy (Trieste, Venice-Marghera, Genoa), Spain (Barcelona) and France (Marseille). The program also included a 108-day World Cruise (roundtrip from Genoa) - read more in the ship's Wiki section.

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Carnival Luminosa Wiki

Luminosa is Costa's 1st of two Luminosa-Class liners (inaugural cruise on June 3, 2009), with sistership Costa Deliziosa. Both are hybrid Vista-Spirit class designed and Panamax vessels, which allows them to transit through Panama Canal's old locks. Luminosa was christened (together with Costa Pacifica) on June 5, 2009, in Port Genoa. This was the industry's first dual-christening ceremony and also a Guinness World Record. Another fun fact is that both liners were launched in their respective shipyards on the same day - Luminosa in Venice (Marghera yards) and Pacifica in Genoa (Sestri Ponente yards).

For summer 2016 season, Costa Cruises introduced new shore tours to Moscow (Russia). The unique shore excursion was part of Costa Luminosa's 2016 Baltic cruise itinerary program in Northern Europe. The new tour to Moscow is during ship's overnight port stay in Sankt Petersburg and deals prices are inclusive of 8 hours high-speed train travel on the Sapsan railway.

From the SPIRIT-Class series are Cunard's liner Queen Victoria, P&O UK's Arcadia, Princess' Coral and Island, and Costa's Deliziosa and Luminosa.

On September 8, 2022, in Port Palermo (Sicily Italy), Luminosa was officially handed over from Costa Cruises to CCL-Carnival Cruise Lines. During the special ceremony, Costa's Captain Nicolantonio Palombella handed over the vessel to Carnival's Captain Adriano Binacchi.

Following the drydocking in Italy, the repainted boat (featuring CCL'ss new livery and funnels) left Palermo on Sept 26th, en route to Dubai UAE (for crewing) and then relocated to Australia (Brisbane QLD). The vessel was also re-flagged/changed registry from Malta to Bahamas.

Costa Luminosa ship review

Costa Luminosa features four restaurants. Its MDR, Taurus, is a beautiful 2-deck aft venue with gorgeous views. One of its best features is the way it is designed into smaller areas, each with a different ambiance. The buffet restaurant, called Ristorante Buffet Andromeda, is open for breakfast, lunch, and tea (late-afternoon snack). Andromeda operates in a lunch counter fashion, where passengers line up to plod through the variety of offerings, which is quite uncomfortable. The quality of the food is the usual steam-table fare, though some exceptions include the omelet station at breakfast, the pasta station at lunch, and the hot and crispy pizza slices available from lunchtime through the evening. Costa Luminosa also offers complimentary 24-Hour Room-Service.

Carnival Luminosa cruise ship (Costa Luminosa)

Follows the complete list of Costa Luminosa restaurants and food bars.

  • Ristorante Samsara (serves healthy and low-calorie food; with a complimentary dining room for guests in Samsara Spa cabins, and a specialty restaurant for other passengers at a surcharge/reservations are required)
  • Ristorante Taurus (aft Dining Room, complimentary; serves open-seating breakfast and lunch, 2 fixed dinner seatings - at 6:30 pm and 9 pm)
  • Ristorante Buffet Andromeda (self-service buffet restaurant, complimentary; offers breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea at 4-5 pm, and dinner; in the evening is transformed into Pizzeria, complimentary, with waiter service)
  • Club Luminosa (specialty dinner restaurant; reservations-only)
  • Lido Dorado Bar and Buffet (offers snacks and sandwiches, lunch buffet station).

Introduced in 2021, "Destination Dishes" are complimentary and available at the MDR's/main dining rooms fleetwide. They are based on individual recipes designed by a "celebrity chef trio" (Bruno Barbieri/Italian, Helene Darroze/French, Angel Leon/Spanish) and interpret the traditional food of the destinations to be visiting by the ship on the following day of the voyage.

Luminosa and Deliziosa are from a new for Costa Crociere (slightly smaller) ship design targeting higher-spending travelers. Costa Luminosa provides two dining rooms, casino, theater, two show lounges, library, steam room, modern wellness complex (SPA and Gym), 4 swimming pools, 5 outdoor Jacuzzies. The 3-level wellness facility (Samsara Spa) has a Fitness, a Turkish bath, a Thalassotherapy Pool, a UVA-ray Solarium, Sauna Room, several treatment rooms (for massages).

Onboard entertainment includes a 4D Cinema, a 3-level Theater, an 18-hole Championship Golf Simulator, PlayStation World area, Grand Prix Simulator. The ship carries 290 original artworks and 4730 prints.

Follows the complete list of Costa Luminosa lounges, clubs and other entertainment venues for kids, teens, and adults.

  • Teatro Phoenix (800-seat, 3-tiered theatre, and main show lounge; hosts grand scale show productions, musicals, classical concerts, ballet performances, circus, and laser light shows)
  • Cinema Mizar (4D cinema room, featuring 3D films with moving seats)
  • Grand Bar Elettra (with own dance floor and stage for live performances; hosts quiz games and fashion reviews)
  • Rigel Cigar Lounge and Bar (selling cigars and fine liquor)
  • Sala Carte (cards room)
  • Casino Vega (served by bar Vega)
  • Luminosa Atrium (9-deck high "Atrio Supernova" - open-floor area with live music and entertainment, served by Atrium Lobby Bar Supernova)
  • Discoteca Altair (Disco Nightclub, DJ program nightly)
  • Antares Piano Bar (live music, dance floor, cabaret-style performances)
  • Caffetteria Sirius (specialty coffee and chocolates bar/patisserie)
  • Biblioteca Bellatrix and Internet Point (Library/computers room)
  • Galleria Shops (duty and tax-free shops for brand watches, jewelry, perfumes, fashion clothes, Costa-logo merchandise, sportswear, gifts, tobacco, and liquor)
  • Photo Gallery and Shop; Galleria d'Arte (Art Gallery)
  • Libra Lounge and Bar; Virgo Lounge and Bar
  • Bar Scuderia Costa (themed bar Formula 1 with Grand Prix simulator)
  • Mondo Virtuale (Video Games Arcade)
  • Cappella (Wedding Chapel, also used for religious services)
  • Squok Club (kids lounge with Mini Club (3-6 yo) and Maxi Club (7-11 yo) playing rooms; with complimentary kids program and supervised activities; complimentary babysitting)
  • Teen Zone (teenagers' lounge with Teen Junior (12-14 yo) and Teen Club (15-17 yo) rooms; complimentary supervised activities, themed parties, sports contests)
  • Centro Banessere Samsara (2-level Spa and Wellness complex, with Fitness and separate Spinning/Aerobics Room; Venus Beauty Salon, Massages and Treatments Rooms, Japanese TeaRoom, Relaxation Room, Thermal Suites, Solarium, Tepidarium (heated loungers), Laconium (low humidity sauna), Aroma Steam Baths, Thalassotherapy pool, Turkish Bath, Solarium, Saunas, Kinesis Room. All guests in Samsara Spa staterooms have free access to most of the Spa complex)
  • Lido Dorado pool area (lido pool with two Whirlpools, huge LED screen, PlayStation nights; served by Lido Dorado Bar)
  • Delphinus pool area (with two Whirlpools, served by Lido Delphinus Bar)
  • Lido Squok (kids' mini Aquapark)
  • Balconata Dorado (outdoor movie screen)
  • Area Yoga (outdoor area)
  • Campo da Gioco (combined court for tennis and basketball)
  • Pista da Jogging (Power Walking/Jogging Track doubled with a Roller Skating Track0
  • Putting Green Area
  • Virtual Golf Game

Costa Luminosa World Cruise 2023 (canceled)

Next table shows Costa Luminosa's "World Cruise 2023" itinerary. The 108-day Transoceanic voyage, along with numerous European itineraries in the Mediterranean (total 151 voyages) was canceled after the shipowner Carnival Corporation decided in June 2022 to transfer the ship to CCL-Carnival Cruise Line.

Date / TimePort
29 Dec 18:00Departing from Genoa-Milan, Italy
30 Dec 08:00 - 18:00Marseille, France
31 Dec 08:00 - 18:00Barcelona, Spain
01 Jan 08:00 - 18:00Valencia, Spain
03 Jan 09:00 - 18:00Valletta, Malta
04 Jan 07:00 - 17:00Catania, Sicily Italy
05 Jan 07:00 - 13:00Naples, Italy
06 Jan 09:00 - 18:00Genoa
07 Jan 08:00 - 18:00Marseille
08 Jan 08:00 - 14:00Barcelona
11 Jan 08:00 - 20:00Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canary Islands
12 Jan 08:00 - 20:00Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
15 Jan 08:00 - 19:00Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island, Cape Verde
20 Jan 08:00 - 12:00Macapa, Brazil
22 Jan 09:00 - 23 Jan 22:00 (overnight)Manaus, Brazil Amazon
25 Jan 08:00 - 18:00Santarem, Brazil Amazon
26 Jan 17:00 - 17:15Macapa, Brazil
28 Jan 07:00 - 19:00Belem, Brazil
31 Jan 14:00 - 20:00Recife, Brazil
01 Feb 08:00 - 14:00Maceio, Brazil
02 Feb 09:00 - 18:00Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
05 Feb 08:00 - 06 Feb 17:00 (overnight)Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
09 Feb 10:00 - 19:00Montevideo, Uruguay
12 Feb 08:00 - 18:00Port Stanley, East Falkland Island
14 Feb 08:00 - 15 Feb 18:00 (overnight)Punta Arenas, Chile Antarctica
17 Feb 08:00 - 18 Feb 18:00 (overnight)Ushuaia, Argentina
21 Feb 08:00 - 20:00Puerto Madryn, Argentina
24 Feb 08:00 - 26 Feb 18:00 (overnight)Buenos Aires, Argentina
01 Mar 08:00 - 20:00Puerto Madryn, Argentina
03 Mar 08:00 - 05 Mar 07:00 (overnight)Ushuaia, Argentina
06 Mar 08:00 - 07 Mar 18:00 (overnight)Punta Arenas, Chile Antarctica
09 Mar 08:00 - 18:00Port Stanley, East Falkland Island
12 Mar 08:00 - 16:00Montevideo, Uruguay
15 Mar 08:00 - 16 Mar 16:00Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18 Mar 09:00 - 20:00Ilheus, Brazil
19 Mar 07:00 - 20:00Salvador de Bahia, Brazil
21 Mar 08:00 - 14:00Recife, Brazil
24 Mar 09:00 - 20:00Belem, Brazil
26 Mar 08:00 - 12:00Macapa, Brazil
27 Mar 08:00 - 22:00Santarem, Brazil Amazon
29 Mar 07:00 - 30 Mar 18:00 (overnight)Manaus, Brazil Amazon
01 Apr 17:00 - 17:15Macapa, Brazil
06 Apr 08:00 - 18:00Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island, Cape Verde
09 Apr 07:00 - 18:00Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canaries
10 Apr 08:00 - 16:00Arrecife, Lanzarote, Canaries
13 Apr 12:00 - 20:00Barcelona
14 Apr 09:00 - 18:00Marseille
15 Apr 08:00Arriving in Genoa

Costa's World Cruise 2023 was priced from EUR 16150 pp (USD 16810 pp).

The voyage was also offered as the following itineraries.

  • 113 days from Genoa to Trieste (2023 Dec 29) US$17560
  • 106 days roundtrip from Marseilles (2023 Dec 30) US$16520
  • 57 days from Marseille to Buenos Aires (2023 Dec 30) US$9000
  • 56 days from Barcelona to Buenos Aires (2023 Dec 31) US$8860
  • 104 days roundtrip from Barcelona (2023 Dec 31) US$16220
  • 100 days roundtrip from Genoa (2024 Jan 6) US$15620
  • 105 days from Genoa to Trieste (2024 Jan 6) US$16370
  • 50 days from Genoa to Buenos Aires (2024 Jan 6) US$7960
  • 98 days roundtrip from Marseilles (2024 Jan 7) US$15320
  • 49 days from Marseille to Buenos Aires (2024 Jan 7) US$7810
  • 104 days from Marseille to Trieste (2024 Jan 7) US$16220
  • 96 days roundtrip from Barcelona (2024 Jan 8) US$15020
  • 48 days from Barcelona to Buenos Aires (2024 Jan 8) US$7660
  • 48 days from Buenos Aires to Barcelona (2024 Feb 25) US$8290
  • 49 days from Buenos Aires to Marseille (2024 Feb 25) US$8450
  • 50 days from Buenos Aires to Genoa (2024 Feb 25) US$8610
  • 51 days from Buenos Aires to Civitavecchia-Rome (2024 Feb 25) US$8770
  • 55 days from Buenos Aires to Trieste (2024 Feb 25) US$9420

Next table shows Luminosa's last cruise for Costa, priced from EUR 810/USD 850 per person.

Date / TimePort
28 Aug 17:00Departing from Trieste, Italy
29 Aug 13:00 - 21:00Port Cruz-Dubrovnik, Croatia
30 Aug 08:00 - 14:00Kotor, Montenegro
31 Aug 10:00 - 20:00Argostoli, Kefalonia Island Greece
01 Sep 08:00 - 19:00Kerkyra, Corfu Island Greece
02 Sep 08:00 - 18:00Brindisi, Italy
03 Sep 08:00 - 18:00Split, Croatia
04 Sep 08:00Arriving in Trieste

Costa Luminosa World Cruise 2018

Next, are listed all ports of call included in Costa Luminosa's World Cruise 2018 itinerary.

The 106-day roundtrip from Venice (Jan 6 - April 22) was priced from USD 17390 pp (Inside Cabin with double occupancy) and up to USD 34,890 (Suite with double occupancy).

  • Day 1 Venice (Italy) embarkation
  • Day 2 Bari (Italy)
  • Day 4 Civitavecchia / Rome (Italy)
  • Day 6 Marseille (France)
  • Day 7 Barcelona (Spain)
  • Day 9 Casablanca (Morocco)
  • Day 11 Tenerife (Canary Islands)
  • Days 12-13-14-15-16 (Transatlantic crossing)
  • Day 17 St. Lucia
  • Day 18 Barbados
  • Day 19 Grenada
  • Day 22 Cartagena (Colombia)
  • Day 25 Puerto Caldera (Costa Rica)
  • Day 27 Puerto Quetzal (Guatemala)
  • Day 30 Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)
  • Day 33 San Diego (USA)
  • Days 34-35 Los Angeles (USA) overnight
  • Days 37-38 San Francisco (USA) overnight
  • Days 39-40-41-42 (North Pacific cruising)
  • Day 43 Hilo (Hawaii)
  • Days 44-45-46-47 (Transpacific crossing)
  • Day 48 Pago Pago (Samoa)
  • Day 52 Suva (Fiji)
  • Day 54 Noumea
  • Days 57-58 Sydney (Australia) overnight
  • Day 60 Brisbane (Australia)
  • Day 63 Cairns (Australia)
  • Day 68 Komodo Island (Indonesia)
  • Day 69 Lombok (Indonesia)
  • Day 70 Benoa (Bali Indonesia)
  • Day 72 Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Days 74-75-76 Singapore (overnights)
  • Day 77 Port Klang/Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Day 78 Langkawi (Malaysia)
  • Days 79-80 Phuket (Thailand) overnight
  • Day 83 Colombo (Sri Lanka)
  • Days 84-85 Cochin (India) overnight
  • Day 86 Mormugao (India)
  • Days 87-88 Bombay (India) overnight
  • Days 91-92 Dubai (UAE) overnight
  • Days 93-94 Muscat (Oman) overnight
  • Day 96 Salalah (Oman)
  • Days 97-98-99-100-101-102-103 (Arabian Gulf and Suez Canal transit)
  • Day 104 Heraklion (Greece)
  • Day 105 Katakolon (Greece)
  • Day 107 Venice (disembarkation)