Wartsila contracted for 6 new Amundsen Expeditions cruise ships

   April 26, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

The Helsinki Finland-based marine technology corporation Wartsila was contracted to develop a new design for up to 6 new expedition-type (small-sized) cruise vessels with max passenger capacity 200.

The vessels will be owned and operated by the new cruise company Amundsen Expeditions, which primarily targets China's ship cruising market. The design order with Wartsila was signed in 2019-Q3.

According to Markku Miinala (Wartsila Marine's General Manager, Ship Design Sales) the ships were "designed to operate efficiently in both tropical and polar waters." Special attention had been given to ensure the new vessel's operational reliability. Wartsila's team has worked in cooperation with Amundsen Expeditions to create a design concept that meets the precise specifications and requirements of the shipowner.

The newbuilds are designed to be fitted with a Wartsila Marine package including Wartsila 32 diesel engines, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) systems for the abatement of NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions, electric propulsion, Nacos Platinum (Navigation Bridge system for communications and navigation), also Wartsila automation technology products. The marine package is expected to be supported by a 10-year maintenance deal to ensure vessels' efficiency, safety and reliability while providing cost assurances for budgeting purposes.

Wartsila is one of the marine industry's leading equipment suppliers. With a global network of 24-hour-available dedicated experts, the company can support its clients wherever they operate. Wartsila also offers the latest in cyber-security, revolutionary ship designs, future-proof operations, enhanced sustainability performance.