200 Mauritian crew stranded onboard NCL-Norwegian Epic begging to return home

   May 26, 2020 ,   Accidents

About 200 crew (Mauritius nationals) are currently stranded on the Norwegian Cruise Line-owned ship Norwegian Epic, waiting for a charter flight to be repatriated back home.

As Mauritius has still not lifted the ban of its citizens arriving via planes, NCL Epic's crew are depressed after spending 2+ months onboard the liner. To raise awareness of their Government, they even made a video, begging the prime minister to allow their repatriation. The Mauritians say they are healthy and just want to return back to their families.

NCL Norwegian Epic cruise ship

Norwegian Epic has become a "crew hotel for people from different nations waiting for their repatriation charter flights. As many of the other nations have already left the ship, the seafarers from Mauritius feel they're abandoned by their government.

Mauritius Island's largest cruise port (as well as country's capital city) is Port Louis.