Boston-based cruise shipping company ordered to cease and desist a party cruise

   July 28, 2020 ,   Accidents

The company behind what happened to be a crowded Boston Harbor weekend party cruise was ordered to stop operating.

The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards has issued a cease and desist to Bay State Cruise Company on Monday, July 27.

An image circulating on social media showed people standing close together on the 3-deck ship Provincetown II (Bay State-operated vessel) as it prepared to depart for a 2,5-hour roundtrip Saturday night, July 25. Most tourists were on the open-air top deck.

The boat sailed at 33% capacity, within the COVID operating limits of 44% capacity, company’s manager Michael Glasfield revealed. That allowed for 28 ft2 (2,6 m2) per passenger space, enough room for 6 ft (1,83 m) of social distancing, he added.

According to Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh, what happened was a serious threat to public health.