Genting Cruise Lines announces strategic partnership with Sanya CBD Administration

   September 2, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

GCL-Genting Cruise Lines is forging a strategic partnership with Sanya CBD Administration and a national travel industry corporation in order to establish a new joint venture company to facilitate passenger shipping operations in Sanya China.

The goal of the joint venture will be to launch domestic cruise itineraries from the central cruise hub of Hainan and to support the development of free trade, pilot cruise tourism zone on Hainan Island.

Genting Cruise Lines announced in a press release that "Sanya boasts an abundance of advantages to complement the pilot implementation of the Hainan Cruise Port Sea-Upstream Route plan, such as the first dedicated cruise terminal providing the only cruise itineraries to the Xisha islands in the country."

The location of the city also allowed for the longest number cruising days for domestic sailings, and there were plans to further develop Sanya into "the largest cruise homeport in China."

Sanya CBD, one of the eleven districts and parks implementing the free trade port policies of Hainan, manages Sanya Headquarters Economy division, CBD division, and the yachting and cruise division.

To further boost tourism and reinforce the Hainan Free Trade Port's position, the Hainan government announced earlier in 2020 the pilot plan for Hainan Island Cruise Itineraries for Chinese-funded Flag of Convenience Ships, featuring more options for cruise lines.

Port of Sanya (China)

Genting Cruise Lines president Kent Zhu said:

“The establishment of a joint venture company in Sanya demonstrates our commitment and determination to further drive the development of cruise tourism in Hainan. Our aim is to provide a dedicate presence in Sanya, focused on promoting the rich cultural heritage of the island coupled with the wealth of cruise experience of Genting Cruise Lines.

“In the post-pandemic era of travel, we hope that the authorities will further relax their policy for cruise companies operating domestic cruises and we will leverage on policies in Hainan, such as the Flag Of Convenience pilot programme, to entice inbound international travellers.”