NCLH-Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings partners with AtmosAir Solutions

   December 8, 2020 ,   Cruise Industry

NCLH-Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (shipowner) announced a partnership with AtmosAir Solutions for the installation of continuous disinfection air purification systems across the company's global fleet (28 vessels). NCLH fully owns and operates 3 brands/subsidiaries - Oceania, Regent Seven Seas and NCL-Norwegian.

The air filtration system technology will boast continuous active COVID disinfection via bi-polar ionization on surfaces and in the air, "an all-natural solution with no harmful chemicals, radiations, or by-products." An advantage of the bi-polar ionization is that it allows air purification to occur within desired spaces, treating a bigger volume of air, instead of relying on contaminants passing through the air handler to be cleaned.

Tests by Microchem Laboratory, one of the preeminent laboratories for testing EPA- and FDA-registered sanitizing products in the world, confirmed that the presence of Coronavirus (COVID-19) was reduced by 99.92% within half an hour of exposure to AtmosAir.

The patented bi-polar ionization technology of AtmosAir proactively attacks Coronavirus, other viruses, bacteria, spores, volatile organic compounds effectively on surfaces and in the air, rather than requiring the air first to be filtered out. The technology works via releasing ions through the HVAC system. These ions bond with viruses, break down their cellular structure, and render them harmless. AtmosAir provides cleaner air using a natural, safe, and environmentally friendly process. It helps protect airports, cruise ships, educational institutions, sports facilities, commercial buildings, as well as a host of other spots where people work, live and enjoy themselves worldwide with 7,500+ locations across the globe now using the technology.