Gibraltar Port Authority grants Shell the license for bunkering of LNG

   March 2, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

Following on from the original announcement in 2019 that it would be applying for LNG bunkering (ship fuelling) license, the Government of Gibraltar UK confirmed that Royal Dutch Shell plc had successfully completed its application formalities and the grant of a port operator license had been approved.

Gibraltar Port's Minister Vijay Daryanani said he was pleased to see Shell successful in its application. He welcomed "the trust and confidence that Shell continues to place in Gibraltar with the completion of its application."

“The Gibraltar Port Authority now looks forward to working with Shell to further develop the range of bunkering service as the Port of Gibraltar to include LNG bunkering. This is in line with the aspiration to keep Gibraltar on the leading edge of developments in the bunkering industry and to reinforce our position as a bunkering hub”.

Port of Gibraltar (UK)

Fabian Picardo (Chief Minister) welcomed the news and said he was "delighted that a prestigious entity such as Shell should be operating from Gibraltar Port.

"Including LNG bunkering as one of the services on offer at our port demonstrates our forward thinking approach to developing the maritime industry, as well as ensuring that Gibraltar is part of the transition to cleaner fuels and reduced environmental impact”.