70 passengers missing after ferry capsizes in Bangladesh river

   April 5, 2021 ,   Accidents

A ferry boat carrying ~100 passengers sank in Shitalakkha river in Narayanganj of Bangladesh after it was hit by a cargo ship on Sunday, April 4.

At least 70 people are reported missing, officials announced.

Narayanganj's Deputy Director of Fire Service and Civil Defence Abdullah Arefin said the ship (named "ML Sabit Al Hasan") had sunk after colliding with the cargo ship close to Munshiganj (Koyla Ghat). Rescue operations were being hampered due to stormy weather, Arefin added.

Prottyoy, a rescue vessel of BIWTA (Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority) headed to the location.

The casualties are still unknown, Madanganj port police outpost Inspector Md Akbar Hossain revealed.

Police said that the passenger launch had left Narayanganj for Munshiganj with ~100 passengers and when it had reached Syedpur Koyla Ghat area, it had collided with a cargo ship and had sunk, while the latter ship had quickly fled.

According to Hossain ~30 passengers had been able to reach ashore with the help of the locals.

A number of travelers were still missing.