Crystal Cruises partners with COA-California Ocean Alliance

   April 28, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

The ultra-premium travel brand Crystal Cruises announced a partnership with COA-California Ocean Alliance - an organization dedicated to "cutting-edge marine research to safeguard oceans for the protection of marine mammals worldwide."

COA scientists will join Crystal Endeavor (fleet’s newest megayacht) for a series of 5 remote expedition voyages to collect data on the behavior of whales utilizing submergible acoustic recorders, suction cup tags, drones, and remote biopsy sampling, as well as engage Crystal Endeavor passengers to assist with the research efforts while traversing the Antarctic.

Ranging in length from 11 to 19 nights, the select cruises depart roundtrip from Ushuaia Argentina, from December 2021 through February 2022.

Crystal’s partnership with COA expands upon the wildlife conservation efforts of the company, including its partnership with ORCA, the leading marine conservation organization dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins, and porpoises. IWildlife experts from ORCA traveled onboard Crystal Symphony in Alaska in 2019 to train Crystal’s bridge crew members in the protocol for collecting scientific data about the behavior of animals and treating passengers to hours of whale watching. ORCA experts will join Crystal Endeavor for 3 designated destination and cultural expeditions in April-May of 2022, including a 13-night journey of the isles and coastal cities of Spain, Portugal, and Africa, a 14-night cruise into the heart of Seville and Bordeaux, as well as a 14-night trip exploring the British Isles.

Crystal Endeavor cruise ship

Crystal Endeavor's  Antarctic Expedition Cruises featuring California Ocean Alliance

  • 11-night Expedition Antarctica (December 10-21, 2021) roundtrip from Ushuaia, fares start at US$14,650 pp
  • 15-night Antarctic Holiday Expedition (December 21, 2021-January 5, 2022) roundtrip from Ushuaia, fares start at US$22,050 pp
  • 11-night Expedition Antarctica (January 5-16, 2022) roundtrip from Ushuaia, fares start at US$16,000 pp
  • 19-night Falklands, South Georgia, & Antarctic Wildlife Expedition (January 16-February 4, 2022) roundtrip from Ushuaia, fares start at US$28,900 pp
  • 11-night Expedition Antarctica (February 4-15, 2022) roundtrip from Ushuaia, fares start at US$16,000 pp

Crystal Endeavor's Spring Destination & Cultural Voyages featuring ORCA Experts

  • 13-night Expedition Africa (April 16-29, 2022) from Dakar to Malaga, fares start at US$10,600 pp
  • 14-night River Discovery: Heart of Seville & Bordeaux (April 29-May 13, 2022) from Malaga to Bordeaux, fares start at US$13,000 pp
  • 14-night Exploration: Springtime in the British Isles (May 25-June 8, 2022) from London to Edinburgh, fares start at US$13,600 pp.