France and UK sign new maritime security treaty to protect ferry passengers in the English Channel from terrorist attacks

   July 27, 2021 ,   Accidents

France and the United Kingdom have signed a new maritime security treaty in order to protect travellers on ferries in the English Channel/La Manche from terrorist attacks.

According to the UK government, the new treaty strengthened UK security "by fully equipping law enforcement and emergency responders to respond to terrorist incidents, no matter where they occur." 

The UK Foreign and Defence Secretaries are now in Paris City for discussions on security issues with the French counterparts.

Via the signing of the treaty, the UK government said its emergency responders would have "more power to deal with terrorist incidents in the Channel."

"The UK-France Maritime Security Treaty, negotiated between the UK Home Office and French Secretariat general de la Defense et de la Securite nationale, is the foundation for seamless joint and coordinated action to be taken by UK and French forces in response to an incident, such as a terrorist attack onboard a ferry or other large vessel in the Channel."

Port of Paris (France)

The Treaty has provisions that enable the UK and France to mount swifter and stronger initial responses to security incidents, share security information concerning potential security threats, coordinate efficient joint responses, cooperate more effectively in the aftermath of an attack/incident. 

The UK government added the treaty enabled joint intervention by the UK and French security forces "to work side by side to keep people safe."

The treaty will take effect after formal ratification by both countries.

It is not intended to tackle illegal migration.