Palma de Mallorca (Majorca Island, Balearic Spain) limits cruise ships in 2022

   December 26, 2021 ,   Cruise Industry

One of the Mediterranean's most popular holiday destinations, Spain's Balearic Islands are limiting the number of cruise vessels in the dock.

The archipelago's regional government stated on December 20 that the maximum number of cruise ships allowed to dock in the Mediterranean port in 2022 is 518, in comparison with 594 that arrived there back in 2019 before the COVID crisis.

To make it clear, the number was divided into days, adding that no more than 3 cruise ships would be allowed to land on the same day, out of which only one could be a “mega cruise ship" with 5,000+ passengers.

The region's Minister of Tourism, Igo Negrowela, said that was the first time that a real limit had been set for cruise ship arrivals to Palma.

Palma de Mallorca (Majorca Island, Balearic Spain)

When it comes to the Palma de Mallorca residents, they have required a cruise ship restriction as soon as they noticed the growth of tourist arrivals, since the presence of liners is disrupting the lives of residents in many ways.