Herschel Island (Yukon, Arctic Canada)

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Arctic - Antarctica


69.58254 N, -139.22159 W

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Herschel Island is located in Beaufort Sea (Arctic Ocean), and approx 5 km (3 ml) off the coast of mainland Canada (Yukon), to which it administratively belongs. The island is uninhabited, with total area of 116 km2 (44,6 ml2), width 8–15 km (5–9,3 ml) between shorelines and highest elevation point 182 m (596 ft).

  • The first European to discover the Herschel Island was Sir John Franklin (1786-1847, a a British Royal Navy officer and an Arctic explorer). He named it in July 1826. At the time of Franklin's expeditions there were 3 indigenous (Inuvialuit) settlements on the isle (total population between 200 and 2000) using it as a base for hunting and fishing.
  • In the late 19th century, the island was used as an overwinter base in Beaufort Sea, starting to accommodate large whaling ships in its harbour in 1889. On the next year was established the Pauline Cove settlement. In the period 1893–1894 the island's population was around 1,500, ranking it the largest community in Yukon. Most of its residents, however, lived on board their whaling ships.
  • In 1893, the Pacific Steam Whaling Company constructed the Community House building at Pauline Cove. It had a lounge room, company office and storage facilities. In 1896 the whaling company donated the building to the Anglican church, who used it until 1906.
  • In 1911, Canada purchased all Herschel Island assets. The Community House (still standing) is the Yukon's oldest frame building. Being in excellent condition, it is now used as a office and tourist centre.
  • Between 1890-1910, the last of the Island's residents re-settled to Tuktoyaktuk - an Inuvialuit port town on mainland Canada.
  • In the 1970s the island became a temporary safe harbor for oil-drilling ships in the region, its last permanent residents left in 1987. Inuvialuit people still use it seasonally as base for hunting, fishing and camping.
  • In 1987 was created the Herschel Island Territorial Park. The Territorial Park, together with the Canadian national parks Ivvavik and Vuntut (both on mainland Canada) are contenders to enter the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Herschel Island was included as port of call in the Northwest Passage cruises of the following passenger ships:

  • Seven Seas Navigator - 63-days itinerary from Miami Florida to Montreal Quebec (2017 - June 17 to August 18)
  • Note: All Northwest Passage ship transits are assisted by a Canadian icebreaker or other vessel with an ice-strengthened hull.

Herschel Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Herschel Island Canada dock (anchor) at Pauline Cove - port harbor on the western coast.

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