Nordaustlandet Island (Svalbard, Arctic Norway)

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Arctic - Antarctica

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19:19 23 Oct 2017

79.75116 N, 24.16623 E

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Nordaustlandet is one of the three largest islands in the Norway's Svalbard Archipelago - together with Spitsbergen (largest) and Edgeoya. The archipelago is located north of the Arctic Circle, about midway between mainland Norway and the Geographic North Pole - the Earth's northernmost point.

Nordaustlandet Island is located northeast of Spitsbergen, and both are separated by the Hinlopen Strait. Its total area is 14443 km2 (5576 ml2), ranking it the world's 58th largest. Its highest elevation point is Norddomen (700 m / 2300 ft). Much of the island (Austfonna and Vestfonna) is covered by large ice caps. The rest of its northern part is tundra inhabited by walruses and reindeer. Nordaustlandet is uninhabited and entirely included in the Nordaust-Svalbard Nature Reserve.

Svalbard cruises are among the Norway's most popular ship travel destinations - together with Norwegian Fjords (along the country's coastline). In Svalbard, tourism have become an important and heavily supported industry, popularized) by "University Centre in Svalbard" and "Svalbard Global Seed Vault".

  • Svalbard islands were first used as whaling bases (in the 17th-18th centuries), then were abandoned. At the beginning of the 20th century started coal mining operations and several permanent settlements were established.
  • In 1925, Svalbard was officially incorporated into the Kingdom of Norway. Today, Norway's Store Norske and Russia's Arktikugol are the only mining companies there.
  • The list of Svalbard settlements (all located on the Spitsbergen island) include Longyearbyen (main and largest), Barentsburg (Russian mining community), Ny-Ålesund (research station) and Sveagruva (aka Svea, Norwegian mining community). Moellerhaven is a port (landing point) on the island.
  • Instead of roads, the only transportation between the settlements is via aircrafts, boats and snowmobiles. Svalbard Airport (at Longyearbyen) serves as main gateway.
  • Svalbard is the world's northernmost settlement with a permanent civilian population. There are other settlements farther north, but they are all populated by rotating groups of researchers.

Nordaustlandet Island cruise terminal

Cruise ships to Nordaustlandet Island dock (anchor) either at Torellneset or Vibebukta Bay.

Palanderbukta (bay fjord) has length of around 1,5 km (1 ml).  It is located in Gustav Adolf Land, part of Wahlenbergfjorden. Southwest of Palanderbukta Bay is located the Scaniahalvoya Peninsula, famous with its two prominent ice caps (named Glitnefonna, and Vegafonna).

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