Star Pride accidents and incidents

Star Pride cruise ship

Former names
Seabourn Pride

Length (LOA)
159 m / 522 ft

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CruiseMapper's Star Pride cruise ship accidents, incidents and law news reports relate to a 343-passenger vessel owned by Windstar Cruises. Our Star Pride accidents page contains reports made by using official data from renown online news media sources, US Coast Guard and Wikipedia.

Here are also reported latest updates on cruise law news related to ashore and shipboard crimes still investigated by the police. Among those could be arrests, filed lawsuits against the shipowner / cruise line company, charges and fines, grievances, settled / withdrawn legal actions, lost cases, virus outbreaks, etc.

  • fire - 2006
  • ship listing/tilting -  2006 (water damages during Baltic Sea storm)
  • ship grounding – 2015 (Panama, the hull was breached)
  • ship collision – 2014 (allusion with MS Berlin in Portoferraio, Italy)
  • propulsion/power loss - 2018
  • ship seizure – 2005 (in Waterford, Ireland)
  • structural – 2007 (marina door malfunction), 2018 (no electricity)
  • Norovirus (passengers/crew)- 2002 (twice)
  • homeport change – 2010 (Bangkok to Singapore, due to Bangkok street violence)

Previously, the vessel was operated under the names Seabourn Pride (1988-2014 by Seabourn Cruises) and Star Pride (since 2014 by Windstar Cruises).

April 2021Other Incidents

In April 2021, due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, Windstar canceled the cruise ship's entire Caribbean 2021-2022 winter program, based on homeporting in San Juan (Puerto Rico). A total of 30 departures (November 3, 2021, through March 19, 2021) were canceled, and Star Pride was rescheduled to restart operations on April 1, 2022.

The canceled itineraries included:

  • 7-day "San Juan to the Virgin Islands"
  • 7-day "Windward Islands Surf Sunsets"
  • 10-day and 11-day "Gems of the Leeward Islands"
  • (B2B) 14-day "Star Collector Lovely Leewards"

Also was canceled the Transatlantic crossing from the Caribbean to Europe (13-day and 23-day from San Juan to Lisbon)

31 August 2018Propulsion / Power Loss

On August 31, 2018, the ship experienced engine problems as a result of the engine's cooling water system failure. The incident resulted in engines' automatic shutdown and partial power loss (propulsion and auxiliary generators) for approx 2 hours.

While without prolusion, the vessel was on emergency power provided to all navigational equipment, essential safety systems and public areas. USCG ordered Coast Guard inspection prior to the arrival in NYC (Manhattan). Escorted by a tugboat, the ship moored in Newport RI for the USCG inspection, then proceeded to NYC.

The accident occurred in Buzzards Bay (Massachusetts) during 15-day North Atlantic crossing from Iceland (Reykjavik) to NYC (New York).

02 April 2018Structural and Technical Issues

On April 2, 2018, the ship started to experience power issues resulting in onboard electricity being produced from diesel generators. The ship's air-conditioning system was also affected. Most staterooms and some venues (including the dining room restaurant) remained for 3 days without any electricity. The vessel's propulsion remained operational.

The accident occurred during the 20-day Transatlantic repositioning cruise (itinerary March 31 - April 20) from San Juan (Puerto Rico) to Lisbon (Portugal), while the ship was en-route from Les Anses d'Arlet (Martinique) to Pigeon Island (St Lucia).

The itinerary was changed (Iles des Saintes Guadeloupe replaced with Castries St Lucia) where the ship remained docked overnight for repairs. As compensation, all passengers enjoyed a complimentary open bar.

22 December 2015Ship Grounding

On December 22, 2015, at 6:15 am the vessel run aground while anchoring at call port Isla de Coiba (off Panama’s coast). No injuries were reported. The ship’s grounding resulted in hull damages (hull was breached) that made it unseaworthy. The ship took on water, resulting in listing to starboard. Because of the island’s remote location, lack of port infrastructure and lack of marine support vessels, the shipowner Windstar Cruises arranged for the fleet mate Star Breeze and also the navigating nearby MV Tere Moana cruise ship to transfer the Star Pride’s 109 passengers to Costa Rica for the return flight (San Jose airport via port Golfito). As compensation, all passengers received a full refund, plus free Windstar cruise voucher. The ship’s crew joined the fleet mate Star Breeze on Dec 23. The damaged vessel was stabilized at the scene and later towed to Balboa Panama for further inspection and hull repairs.

The accident occurred on 7-day Panama Canal "Christmas Cruise" (itinerary Dec 19 – 26) from Colon to Puerto Caldera, with call ports in Panama and Costa Rica (Panama City, Isla De Coiba, Golfito, Bahia Drake, Quepos). The next scheduled "New Year Cruise" (itinerary Dec 26 – Jan 2, from Puerto Caldera to Colon) was also cancelled.

Later, Windstar Cruises cancelled two more itineraries in 2016 – departures January 2 and 9. Booked passengers were compensated with a full refund plus free Windstar cruise (future booking). Star Breeze passengers, who were also affected by the accident, received as compensation 75% refund plus 75% future Windstar cruise booking discount.

On January 5, 2016, Windstar Cruises announced the cancellation of all itineraries through April 9, 2016, as the ship needed alternate shipyard for the final repairs. To all booked on cancelled itineraries, Star Pride passengers were offered to choose either a full refund or another Windstar ship cruise.

Note: Most ship grounding accidents (when the marine vessel’s hull impacts the seabed) happen at lower cruising speeds since the ships operate in known to be shallow waters. Such incidents usually result in stranding (with or without significant hull damages). However, if the hull is breached, the result would be flooding, which may compromise the vessel’s stability and safety. The well-known example of such a tragic accident is the Costa Concordia sinking after hitting a rock in January 2012.

22 May 2014Ship Collision / Allision

On May 22, 2014, while docked in call port Portoferraio (Elba, Italy), at ~1 pm the Star Pride ship was slightly hit by MS Berlin (FTI Cruises) performing a docking manoeuvre. The Pride ship sustained only minor hull damage to the bow and completed the itinerary as scheduled. The Berlin ship sustained minor superstructure damage to the stern (its upper deck). No injuries were reported.

19 May 2007Structural and Technical Issues

(Seabourn Pride) On May 19, 2007, a major structural issue was found on the vessel when it docked at call port Belle Ille (France). The crew discovered that a door at the ship’s aft Marina platform had missing bolts and hinges. This damaged the door’s hydraulic system, making it inoperational (unable to move up and down). Because of this, the door was only partially closed and blocked.

Luckily, the issue was discovered when the ship was close to St Nazaire (approx 45 ml / 70 km away). At highly reduced cruising speed the ship towards the port for repairs. The incident resulted in itinerary change – the French call ports Belle Ille and St Malo, as well as Guernsey (Channel Islands),  were dropped.

On May 21, the ship arrived at St Nazaire, where the Marina door was welded shut. Late in the evening, the vessel departed continuing on the itinerary to the next call port Rouen France.

14 June 2006Ship Listing

(Seabourn Pride) On June 14, 2006, while on 14-day Norwegian Fjords cruise (itinerary June 3- 17) from London to Copenhagen, the ship experienced listing in rough seas en-route to Bergen Norway. Because of the storm, all forward-located suites on Deck 7 suffered broken windows and flooding. Staterooms located on Deck 6 suffered flooding from the suites above. Via the PA system, the Captain informed about substantial water damages, but no injuries were reported.

19 March 2006Fire Accident

(Seabourn Pride) On March 28, 2006, the ship arrived in Lisbon Portugal several hours late, ending a Transatlantic repositioning cruise crossing from Florida. During the voyage, the ship reportedly suffered an engine room fire accident. Officially, the delay was explained with an exhaust system failure which needed repairs in port.

Unofficially, the fire started on March 19 (day 3 of the crossing), after the ship experienced heavy weather and encountered a rogue wave. The fire caused billowing smoke but fortunately was quickly extinguished (within ~15 min). During the accident, passengers and crew were not summoned to the muster stations/lifeboats. No injuries were reported.

01 September 2005Structural and Technical Issues

(Seabourn Pride / ship seizure) On September 1, 2005, because of safety hazards, the vessel (carrying 170 passengers) was detained for ~43 hours at call port Waterford Ireland. During the ship’s inspection, they found safety deficiencies and fire risks. The ship was released after all deficiencies were corrected.

Curiously, the UK safety inspectors in call port Falmouth England (visited on August 31) had found several safety faults but allowed the vessel to leave after the Captain agreed to make all necessary amends at sea.

November 1988Fire Accident

In November 1988, the Seabourn Pride ship set out on its Inaugural Cruise after being christened by godmother Shirley Temple Black (1928-2014, an American actress, singer and dancer). The cruise vessel is one of the 3 ships built in Germany for the Seabourn Cruises line company.

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