Carnival Tropicale deck 4 plan (Hospital-Cabins-Restaurant)

Deck layout and review

Review of Carnival Tropicale deck 4 (Hospital-Cabins-Restaurant)

Medical Centre (Hospital)

On Corallo Deck 4 was the ship's MDR (main dining room) restaurant with capacity 658 seats. Located in the hull (below the waterline/not in the ship's superstructure), the MDR had no windows and the access was via a descending staircase. Most tables were 8-seat, some were 2-seat. Aft of the MDR was positioned the Galley (ship's main kitchen).

Forward on Deck 4 (in the hull's raised section) were located passenger cabins.

MS Ocean Dream had AED (Academy for Educational Development) - a venue dedicated to Peace Boat's onboard enrichment program.