Disney Dream deck 5 plan (Cabins-Kids-Teens)

Deck layout and review

Review of Disney Dream deck 5 (Cabins-Kids-Teens)

Vibe Disco & Lounge (teens-only club lounge open between 11 am - 2 am) with indoor / outdoor areas. The Vibe Teen Club has a coffee bar (non-alcoholic drinks and complimentary soda), dance zone, 1 huge video wall, Internet and computers (video games room / fees apply), DJ spinning classes, cinema, table games, sundeck area (with 2 whirlpools and 1 splash pool).

Buena Vista Theatre (balcony seating; level 2 of 2)

Atrium (level 3 of 3), Public Restrooms

Conference Rooms ( full-time Group Services Manager, Individual computer stations, HDTVs, catering team, refreshments bar)

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (“princesses and pirates” youth club for kids 3-12 yo activities with costumes, makeup, hair styling, face gem, etc; photo services. Prices for boys begin from US$18.95 including Mickey hair confetti, hair gel, shield and sword) and run up to US$34.95 for the hairstyling and costume that can be taken home. Prices for girls range from US$59.95 including makeup, hairstyling, nail polish, tote and sash, to US$194.95 including all aforementioned services, princess dress, wand and crown that can be taken home). For additional US$29.95 little ladies receive shoes to match the dress. The boutique is also open for grown-ups preparing for the Pirate Night.)

Port Adventures (shore excursions booking and planning)

It’s A Small World Nursery (for infants and toddlers 3 months to 3 yo/reservations required, additional charges. The price is UD$9 per hour for the first kid, and US$8 for each additional. The nursery is open from 9:00 a.m. to midnight and offers an age-appropriate playroom, a quiet area with cribs, rocking chairs and swings.)

Disney Oceaneer Club (for kids 3-12 yo; open 9 am - 12 pm, 4 play areas with themes from different Disney films – Andy’s Room/”Toy Story”, Monsters Academy/”Monsters, Inc”, Pixie Hollow/”Tinkerbell”, and Explorer Pod/”Nemo”; has computers, video games, TV screens, 1 huge screen for movies, napping mats. In the Infinity section kids will find ten gaming stations, each with 2 controllers. The life-size Infinity gaming station is where guests become the game pieces and can control the outcome of the competition with body movements. Children work in teams of 2 to rack up points and beat the highest scores. The Star Wars play area is Millennium Falcon-themed and features a replica of the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, complete with 2 chairs where children sit to "fly" the aircraft via simulations. The control room has many lights, buttons and levers. A likeness of Falcon's common room, situated to the right, serves as a seating area. Parents can visit the Oceaneer during select hours.)

Disney Oceaneer Lab (kids 3-12 yo play area for games, experiments, culinary classes and other interactive stuff; has a stage; themed rooms here are: “Media Room”/movies, video games, reading; “Animator’s Studio”/animation studio for creating characters and art; “The Wheelhouse”/computers, 1 huge plasma screen; “Sound Studio”/recording studio; and “Craft Studio”/hand-made arts and crafts. The Oceaneer Club and Lab are connected so kids can easily go back and forth, thus doubling their space at any given time. Though Club activities appeal to younger children and Lab for older ones, Disney's approach of allowing access both clubs means siblings can hang out together and all kids can pursue their interests.)

NOTE: all kids enrolled in the Oceaneer Club/Lab and the nursery, for which they have to sign in and out with a wristband, will be charged US$12.95 for the band. When it is returned at the end of the voyage, the charge is removed.

Cruise cabins from 5001 to 5688, of which Interior cabins (categories 11B – Standard, 10 A – Deluxe), Oceanview cabins (9A – Deluxe; 8A, 8B, and 8C – Deluxe Family), Oceanview cabins with Veranda (6B –  Deluxe; 7A – smaller Deluxe; 4E – Deluxe Family).

There are 2 aft-facing (numbers 5188 and 5688) rooms with no obstructed view but very small balcony (triangular). Being too small for a chair, they have built-in benches (sitting 2 people). Each cabin connects to an adjacent handicap 9A room (numbers 5186 and 5686), but the balconies are not connecting.

Category 8A ("Deluxe Family Oceanview” are all 12 staterooms with 2 large porthole windows but without split bathrooms. Four of these 8As are also known as “mini-suites” because are oversized and wall-divided into 2 (not completely separate by curtain or door) rooms. The “mini-suite” 8As have triple occupancy and no split bathroom. Their bathrooms are small (sink, WC, bathtub/shower). These cabins are with 2 TVs (facing the bed and the single sofabed). They are also connecting (max capacity 6 persons). Cabin numbers are 5020-5022 (connecting) and 5520-5522 (connecting).

Category 8A cabins (numbers 5018 and 5518) feature open-floor plans. They are also oversized and laid out as an L-shaped room (no divider).  Their capacity is 4 persons. Bathrooms are large and square-shaped, no split and without bathtub (have curtained shower).