MS Spitsbergen deck 4 plan (Boarding)

Deck layout and review

Review of MS Spitsbergen deck 4 (Boarding)

Deck 4 is the ship's Boarding Deck with a Luggage Room, Gangway and Entrance Hall (lobby area). Gangway (ship entrance) is a narrow passage used for crew/passenger embarkation and disembarkation.

Aft is located the ship’s Infirmary (Hospital and Pharmacy) - a small medical facility served by a resident doctor and a nurse. The self-service Laundry Room (complimentary) is located forward-portside.

Cruise cabins from A2-401 to O2D-444, of which 11x Inside cabins (category I) and 1x Superior Inside (K4D-442), and the rest are Polar Outside rooms (categories O and A) and 3x Mini-Suites (category Q).