VIDEO: Giant wave smashing window on Elba ferry

   February 18, 2022 ,   Accidents

A wall of water smashed through the windows of a ferryboat crossing Elbe River in Hamburg on Thursday, February 17, submerging travelers as Storm Ylenia ripped through Germany's northern part.

3 passengers onboard the ‘Tollerort’ ship were injured, local broadcaster NDR said. Those on board were able to leave the ferry on foot prior to receiving medical attention.

One 32-year-old suffered cuts, while 2 other passengers were slightly injured.

As the water surged through the interior, travelers screamed and scurried to collect their belongings, rushing towards the ferry's rear.

According to the managing director of transport company HADAG’s Tobias Haack, investigations were underway as to how the safety glass had given way to the water.

The storm caused damage across Hamburg, with canceled Lufthansa flights, road closures, affected public transport timetables, flooded markets - with the fire brigade reportedly recording ~800 operations.

Yet another storm, Zeynep, is on her way so the region can expect “hurricane gusts of unprecedented strength to the North Sea coast”, with warnings that “the potential for danger is massive.”