US$5000 Star Wars cocktail on new Disney Wish cruise ship

   July 2, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

The Hyperspace Lounge aboard the 2022-inaugurated Disney Wish cruise ship is serving the "rarest"/most "valuable" cocktail from the Star Wars galaxy, but it will set guests back US$5000.

The big-ticket beverage appeared on social media, showing exactly what DCL-Disney Cruise Line passengers will be getting for all of those credits. The new drink arrives at the table encased inside a camtono (a security container used for storing valuables in The Mandalorian/The Book of Boba Fett). It is unveiled with a button touch and a twist of a rotary cylindric handle.

Much like the prop that is used on-screen, the side panels of the carrier fall open granting the recipient access to the contents. Inside, there appear to be 3 shot-style glasses serving the US$5000 concoction, officially popular as the Kaliburr Crystal on the Hyperspace Lounge menu. The ingredients are not listed.

There have been speculations about what might be in the cocktail for the hefty price tag. One popular hypothesis is Remy Martin's Louis XIII cognac, which costs $3000-4000 a bottle, or some other high-quality liquor, though it is also possible that it is a more standard top-shelf liquor presented in a novelty way.

Disney Wish cruise ship

However, there are a wealth of regular-priced drinks on the Hyperspace Lounge's cocktail menu, starting at US$15 for a Spire Sunset containing a refreshing mix of Saigon Bagur, Kumquat, coconut, and lychee.

With the purchase of any cocktail, guests can take home a Hyperspace Lounge Glass as a souvenir for an additional US$12.