Lindblad-National Geographic launch 8 new epic cruises

   August 6, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

For those looking to explore the world in a more comprehensive way, Lindblad-National Geographic designed 8 epic voyages providing extraordinary opportunities to see the world.

The extended-length excursions will bring travelers to rarely explored destinations, reminiscent of a true exploration of years past – to more remote areas, longer, and more time with fellow explorers.

Passengers are now able to navigate New Zealand’s coastlines and watch for dolphins, seals, and whales, or encounter Indonesia’s cultures along its tropical isles. The wide-ranging itineraries are crafted with the 50+ years’ experience of Lindblad Expeditions in remote and wild places, made for explorers looking to engage fully with each destination.

The transformative expeditions provide adventures that cross oceans and continents.

Highlights of Lindblad-NatGeo’s upcoming voyages include (rates are per person, double occupancy):

  • 38-day "Atlantic Isles Discovery: From the Falklands to Madeira" (March 7, 2023 departure) fares start from $ $28,010.
  • 24-day "Wild Coasts of Argentina, South Georgia, and the Falklands" (Oct 19, 2022 departure) fares start from $26,670.
  • 18-day "Under the Southern Cross: New Zealand to Melanesia" (Dec 14, 2022; Feb 25 & Oct 24, 2023; Jan 24, 2024 departures) fares start from $15,160.
  • 21-day "Exploring Indonesia, Bali, Raja Ampat and Papua New Guinea" (Oct 7 & Nov 27, 2022 departures) fares start from $19,480.
  • 19-day "South Georgia and the Falklands" (Oct 4, 2022; Feb 26, 2023; Feb 26, 2024 departures) fares start from $23,090.
  • 22-day "Southern Odyssey: New Zealand and the Subantarctic Islands" (Dec 27, 2022; Jan 14, Nov 30, Dec 18, 2023 departures) fares start from $29,370.
  • 27-day "Journey Across the Remote Pacific Islands" (Oct 11, 2023 departure) fares start from $34,640.
  • 24-day "Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil" (Sept 24, 2023, & Sept 24, 2024 departures) fares start from $26,340.