VIDEO: Massive razor blade brawl aboard Block Island Ferry

   August 11, 2022 ,   Accidents

Reportedly, at least 4 people were injured from razor lacerations following a gunfight that broke out on the Block Island ferryboat between riders picked up from a popular beach bar.

The massive brawl started while the ferry was sailing back to Port Judith ferry terminal (Narragansett, Rhode Island) It left the area at ~11.30 pm.

At least a dozen police officers remained on-site for a number of hours.

The amount of casualties is still unknown, as well as the severity of their injuries.

Footage on social media showed police officials jumping off of a vessel onto the operating ferry to respond to the accident. Another clip shows 3 people in handcuffs being escorted off the ferry.

One of the suspects is believed to have been armed with a gun, but no law enforcement agency confirmed that.

Rhode Island State Police, Narragansett Police Department, and the USCG/Coast Guard station Port Judith, all responded at the ferry terminal.

Police dogs and emergency medical services were also at the ferry terminal.

The vacation spot, a quaint island ~9 miles off the mainland, is accessible only by ferry/plane. 

Block Island is considered a popular summer destination for Northeasterners.