New York City to house migrants on cruise ships?

   September 19, 2022 ,   Accidents

New York City shelters are overwhelmed by the migrant crisis and Mayor Eric Adams revealed he was considering using cruise ships as temporary housing/floating hotels.

A record number of buses are carrying migrants traveling into the city. Each bus carries between 40-50 migrants.

The influx is crippling the shelter system of New York. Full-time facilities are pushed to the brink and affect the quality of life of the neighborhood.

NYC has opened a total of 23 emergency shelters, but there are not enough beds.

According to Adams, cruise liners could help alleviate the stress, and were once an alternative the Bloomberg administration had considered during its own migration surge.

Port of New York (Cape Liberty Bayonne NJ-NYC)

Adams has not disclosed any further details regarding the floating shelters.

He slammed federal policy of barring migrants from working in the United States before obtaining work permits.