Construction underway of the new Samana Bayport cruise terminal (Dominicana)

   September 19, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Just weeks after announcing the initial construction of Dominicana's new Samana Bayport cruise terminal, the results derived from the beginning of the cleaning/adaptation work on the land where one of Samana's ports will be built to welcome the newest cruise ships in the Caribbean.

According to statements by the executives of the Samana Maritime Terminals Consortium (Temarsam), the project is set to become "the catalyst for tourism, economic and real estate development in Samana and the entire northeast region of the country."

Federico Schad (Temarsam Consortium's President) said Samana was the great jewel in the crown of Dominican tourism, but unfortunately, it had not been possible to develop a project like that, which would return all its splendor not only to the town of Santa Barbara but to the entire province.

"That is why this terminal is so important, it will be the entry point for tens of thousands of tourists who will witness the beauties of this province and the entire northeast region of the country. These tourists will be the same ones who will come to invest in the real estate sector and, above all, they will be the ambassadors of this great destination.”

The process of adapting the land that will house the cruise terminal includes, in addition to cleaning/environmental adaptation, earthworks, design and projection for the docks' foundations, among other works. Those works are carried out by "companies of wide professional recognition, using highly trained equipment and personnel, thus achieving positive results in favorable times."

The company assured that its focus at this time was to start the construction work within the stipulated times, with a view to completing phase I of the cruise terminal by mid-2023.

Port of Samana (Dominicana)

As part of Temarsam's commitment to environmental sustainability in the area, works have been carried out in compliance with national and international environmental regulations as well as in close collaboration with the competent authorities.