VODEO: Artemis Technologies to launch fully electric passenger ferry

   September 27, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

Artemis Technologies Ltd (maritime design and applied technologies company) unveiled the design of its 100% electric EF-24 Passenger ship, targeting the high-speed ferry market.

The catamaran is among several zero-emission boats being developed by Artemis in Belfast (Northern Ireland UK), designed to offer commercially viable green transport solutions for cities, governments, and private operators worldwide.

The EF-24 ferryboat can reach a top speed of 38 knots (43 mph / 70 kph) and has an operational range of 115 NM (130 mi / 213 km) at 25 knots speed producing fuel savings of up to 85% in comparison with conventional high-speed diesel-powered ferries.

Powered by patented electric propulsion system "Artemis eFoiler", the 24-m, 150-passenger vessels fly above the water, mitigating the effects of seasickness as well as producing a minimal wake at high-speed, thus reducing the impact on shorelines.

Artemis Technologies is the spin-off from Artemis Racing team that competed in America’s Cup of which the founder of the company, 2-time Olympic champion Dr. Iain Percy OBE is a 4-time veteran.  

The new ferries will be fully accessible, and incredibly spacious with a range of facilities like bike racks, charging points, baby changing facilities, cabin bag, and overhead storage.

They will also feature a high-speed collision avoidance system created with ECIT, which is part of Queen’s University Belfast. It will ensure the safety of operations close to shore and in port by safely diverting the vessel on an altered path away from wildlife, sea life, debris, and other objects that might be obscured from view.

Artemis partnered with Condor Ferries in order to operate a pilot scheme using the first produced EF-24 Passenger ferry. It will enter service in 2024, running between Belfast-Bangor in Northern Ireland.

Earlier in 2022 on its continued mission towards maritime's decarbonization, Artemis Technologies launched the largest 100% electric foiling vessel in the world, ‘Pioneer of Belfast’ and revealed an electric workboat range including a 12-metre multi-purpose workboat and a 12-metre crew transfer ship with a 24-metre crew transfer vessel currently under development.