VIDEO: Ferry capsizes at the pier in Kalimantan, Indonesia

   October 20, 2022 ,   Accidents

A Ro-Pax ferry capsized while unloading its cargo of vehicles at the port of Kalimantan on the Indonesian side of Borneo Island on Wednesday, October 19.

The accident occurred at ~2 am local time on Wednesday shortly after the Indonesia-flagged ferryboat "KM Satya Kencana III" (1989-built, IMO 8904563) arrived at Port Kumai on Kalimantan’s southern coast.

According to witnesses, the ship started listing heavily as a truck had been unloaded via the portside ramp.

The crew attempted to keep Satya Kencana III upright by adjusting the ballast water tanks but the rolling continued until the ship ended up on its side, thus causing the truck to fall into the water.

Several vehicles were still onboard the ferry.

No injuries have been reported as all of the 289 passengers had disembarked by the time of the capsize.

Containment booms have been placed around the half-submerged ferry in anticipation of possible oil spills.