Port Ushuaia (Argentina) expects 540 cruise ship calls in season 2022-23

   December 23, 2022 ,   Cruise Industry

According to Port Ushuaia (Argentina)'s cruise schedule, during season (2022-2023) are expected 540 ship calls and ~200,000 tourists visiting Tierra del Fuego.

Dante Querciali (Tierra del Fuego Tourism Institute's President) said in a local radio interview:

“The beginning of the summer season has been most fluid, with much overall movement. Luckily we finished the winter season and almost immediately the cruise season and air traffic triggered meaning we have a very good level of tourism activity, and occupancy in hotels.”

He added there was a very marked growth in cruise activities, “even compared to 2019 which was a historic season and prospects for this summer are on that trend.”

In 2019, they had 450 cruise calls, and this year they were expecting 540, ~200,000 visitors in the season, which is extended from October (usually early-November) thru March.

And all this was positive because of the foreign currency it generated, commercial activity for their shops, supplying the vessels, and the money spent by passengers when they landed to look around the city and/or contract tours and other amenities.

Port of Ushuaia (Argentina)

“When the large cruise vessels disembark and coincide, we could have some 5,000 people roaming across Ushuaia and its attractions, plus the smaller Antarctic expeditions which have our city as the arrival and departure port, we're talking of some 150 to 300 people who have a strong economic standing.”