MSC Lowers Internet Prices

   April 19, 2016 ,   Cruise Industry

MSC Cruises changed its Internet offerings by decreasing prices, increasing bandwidth and allowing access for more devices per package.

The new packages of MSC are the least expensive in cruise industry. They are available on a cruise-long or per-day basis. Passengers who choose a cruise-long option see considerable savings from the per-day rate. Passengers can select one of three offerings:

  • Social Package: allows access to social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); cruisers can stay in touch with friends and post photos; Cost: US$4.50 (EUR 3.90) per day, or US$16.50 (EUR 14.90) for a 7-night cruise for one device.
  • Surfer Package: allows social media access, as well as email access and passengers can surf the web; Cost: US$11 (EUR 9.90) per day, or US$33 (EUR 29.90) for a 7-night cruise for up to 2 devices.
  • Streamer Package: offers everything the other two packages do, but passengers who purchase the option can utilize audio and video streaming for Netflix or conference calls; Cost: US$22 (EUR 19.90) per day or US$66 (EUR 59.90) for a 7-night cruise for up to 4 devices.

To compare, Carnival Cruise Line offers a US$5-per-day (US$25 per cruise) social media package, a US$16-per-day (US$60 per cruise) email and surfing package, and a US$25-per-day (US$99 per cruise) streaming package. These prices are for one device. Learn more at Carnival Cruise WiFi Internet.

Royal Caribbean offers a US$15-per-day plan, allowing everything: social, Internet, email access and streaming. The price includes one device. There is a 50% discount for a 2nd, which means it costs US$22.50 a day for 2 devices. If passengers wish to include 4 devices, it would cost US$45 daily. Royal Caribbean does not feature cruise-long discounts.

MSC new packages are currently available on MSC Preziosa and MSC Divina, and will roll out on the rest of MSC ships in the coming months. Last week, the cruise line announced changes to booking and cancellation policies.

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