Carnival Dream cruise ship helps rescue 17 people close to Belize

   May 20, 2023 ,   Accidents

Carnival Dream’s crew members helped rescue 17 people stranded in the Belize Channel on Wednesday, May 17th, after the boat of the group capsized.

The CCL-Carnival ship was heading for Cozumel Mexico, when the officers spotted the capsized vessel and the group in distress.

Carnival Dream Capt. Francesco Fiorentino’s officers and crew members immediately alerted the Belize Coast Guard, lowered one of the shipboard tenders into the water in conjunction with Belize tenders, and helped rescue all 17 people.

Each group member was in good condition before the transfer with the Belize Coast Guard had been coordinated.

Carnival Dream resumed her voyage, continuing on to Cozumel Mexico as scheduled. The ship departed Galveston Texas on May 14th for a 6-day sailing and is scheduled to return on May 20th.

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