Port Klaipeda (Lithuania) to receive new cruise quay

   May 25, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Klaipeda State Seaport Authority (Lithuania) is currently in the initial planning phase of constructing a new cruise quay, scheduled to be completed in 2026. In 2024, they will initiate the tender process to select both the contractor and terminal operator for the project.

The proposed location for the new quay is within the developing city waterfront district. It will consist of 2 quays, measuring 220 m (722 ft) and 369 m (1210 ft) in length, with draughts of 8 m (26 ft) and 11 m (36 ft) respectively. The total area covered by the quay will be 30,236 m2 (325,748 ft2).

The new quay will be adjacent to the existing quay, which is currently 349 m (1145 ft) long with a depth of 8.6 m (28 ft).

Funding for the entire project will be provided by the Seaport Authority.

Over the past decade, the number of cruise calls to the port has reached its highest levels in 2022, 2017, and 2014 with 62/63 calls. This year, it is expected to have 44 calls. In terms of passenger numbers, the peak was reached in 2017 with 74,700 passengers, while this year's estimate is 45,000 passengers. ~1.8% (EUR 750,000) of the total port dues are contributed by cruise companies. On average, passengers spend around EUR 70 per day during their visit.

In 2022, the fairways were dredged to a depth of -15 m (49 ft), and this year, the port entrance is being widened and dredged.

In Lithuania (a Baltic country with population ~3 million) Klaipeda is the third-largest city and is surrounded by picturesque nature and remarkable historical and cultural attractions.

The Klaipeda region is the country's most prominent tourist destination, offering untouched natural landscapes, significant points of interest, and a wide range of entertainment options. It encompasses Klaipeda city, the Curonian Spit, and the resort town of Palanga. Klaipeda city features its Fachwerk-style old town, craftsmen's courtyards, the Lithuanian Maritime Museum, a Dolphinarium, as well as several unique museums and sights. The Curonian Spit is known for its harmonious blend of unspoiled nature and ancient culture, particularly renowned for having the highest white-sand dunes in Europe. Palanga invites visitors to explore its Amber Museum, and botanical gardens, and enjoy breathtaking sunsets from its long pier extending into the sea.