VIDEO: Freak storm rip through Royal Caribbean cruise ship Independence OTS in Florida

   June 26, 2023 ,   Accidents

During the boarding process of RCI-Royal Caribbean's ship Independence of the Seas, docked in Port Canaveral/Orlando City (Florida USA), a sudden and intense storm unexpectedly struck, causing tourists to seek shelter as furniture and objects were tossed around the open decks.

Multiple videos shared on social media captured the chaotic scene, depicting lounge chairs and tables being propelled by strong winds across the deck. In one particularly alarming video, a lounge chair narrowly misses hitting a woman who is carrying a small child and pushing a stroller. Thankfully, the stroller was unoccupied at the time.

Another video shows passengers frantically running from the turbulent weather, seeking safety inside the ship.

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean assured that the storm was short-lived, and fortunately, there were no reports of any significant injuries resulting from the incident.

Despite the weather disruption, the cruise ship was able to proceed with her journey to the Bahamas as scheduled. Independence OTS successfully arrived at CocoCay Bahamas without any delays, according to the spokesperson's statement.

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