Hurtigruten's ship MS Otto Sverdrup to be moved to Hurtigruten Norway

   July 22, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Hurtigruten Group has announced fleet adjustments as part of its long-term strategic growth initiatives. MS Otto Sverdrup will be moved to Hurtigruten Norway, while MS Maud will be deployed to the Arctic and Antarctica, departing from the Norwegian coast.

This move comes after Hurtigruten's operational split in 2021 and recent restructuring, which established dedicated support functions for Hurtigruten Expeditions and Hurtigruten Norway.

Daniel Skjeldam (Hurtigruten Group's CEO) expressed that this adjustment is a significant milestone for the company. It aims to strengthen Hurtigruten Norway's iconic presence on the Norwegian coast and provide Hurtigruten Expeditions with greater flexibility to create new, high-end expedition itineraries in adventurous and remote locations worldwide.

With MS Otto Sverdrup, Hurtigruten Norway's fleet now includes three hybrid ships out of a total of nine. Otto Sverdrup, which has been serving the German market since 2021 (leaving from Hamburg) will continue to do so within the Hurtigruten Norway business.

This change is intended to complement the successful Svalbard Express and North Cape Express routes, catering to the preferences of German guests who have been traveling to Norway for 130 years.

On the other hand, Hurtigruten Expeditions will operate six small custom-built cruise ships, including MS Roald Amundsen - the world's first battery-hybrid powered ship. These vessels will take guests to 250+ destinations in 30+ countries worldwide.

Hurtigruten's dedication to high-end expedition voyages is further demonstrated by the deployment of MS Maud in 2024 for new immersive expedition cruise series. These itineraries will combine the Patagonian fjords with Antarctica and include voyages to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia. The emphasis will remain on life-changing exploration enriched with scientific and discovery experiences, led by renowned scientists, historians, and expedition leaders.