Israel's Haifa Port unveils selection of designer for new cruise terminal

   August 1, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Haifa Port (Israel) has reached a significant milestone in its development by selecting Bermello, Ajamil & Partners (BA), the world's most renowned cruise terminal designer, to create Israel's first purpose-built Cruise Terminal. BA has an impressive track record of successfully designing homeport cruise terminals across 6 continents, including iconic ones in Miami, Seattle, San Francisco, Singapore, New York, Galveston, and Mauritius, among others. Their designs are acclaimed for seamlessly blending into cityscapes while providing top-notch guest services.

Haifa Port has emerged as a vibrant and rapidly growing cruise destination in the post-COVID era. Previously catering to a modest number of passengers, it has experienced an extraordinary surge in popularity, attracting around 380,000 Israeli passengers and 250,000 tourists. This growth has also seen the arrival of nearly 30 different cruise brands, with ten of them choosing Haifa as their homeport.

The new cruise terminal is a significant project following Haifa Port's privatization earlier in the year. Now owned by India's Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone (70%) and Israel's Gadot Group, the port envisions cruises and tourism as vital components of its future development. The upcoming terminal is expected to elevate Haifa to a prominent cruise hub in the Mediterranean.

In designing the new terminal, special attention will be given to preserving Israel's rich history and culture, as well as integrating seamlessly into Haifa's planned waterfront development. The port is committed to a harmonious and sustainable expansion, emphasizing its dedication to maintaining the essence of Israel's heritage while embracing the city's future growth.