NSW Australia needs a new cruise terminal to cater for largest ships

   August 25, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

Prior to the COVID crisis, the cruise industry contributed ~$3.3 billion annually to the economy through passenger and crew spending on various sectors such as hotels, restaurants, and tours.

With an anticipated 1.1 million cruisers set to visit Australia between October and April, experts predict a potential economic boost of $2 billion.

This news coincides with the announcement by Chriss Minns (NSW's Premier) that all remaining COVID restrictions on cruising in NSW will be lifted. Margy Osmond (Tourism & Transport Forum Australia's CEO) expressed satisfaction with the removal of these rules, anticipating positive effects on the tourism sector.

Osmond emphasized the importance of encouraging more cruise passengers to visit Sydney Harbour, which aligns well with the upcoming busy cruise season. The decision is not only beneficial for cruise enthusiasts but also for the multitude of Australian jobs tied to cruise tourism, spanning restaurants, hotels, retailers, travel agents, and more.

Despite Sydney's two international cruise terminals, there is growing support, led by Osmond, for the exploration of a third terminal, considering locations like Garden Island. This push for increased cruise ship capacity aligns with the industry's need for growth-oriented facilities.

Cruising plays a significant role in providing jobs for Australians, with around 18,000 positions, primarily concentrated in NSW. These jobs cover a wide spectrum, from travel agents and transport workers to entertainers, tour operators, and farmers.