Fincantieri signs with Central Adriatic Sea System Authority for Ancona Port's development

   November 16, 2023 ,   Cruise Industry

The Port System Authority of the Central Adriatic Sea (ADSP) and the shipbuilder Fincantieri recently formalized a program agreement aimed to advance the development of Port Ancona.

Signed on November 3, 2023, by Pierroberto Folgiero (Fincantieri's CEO and Managing Director) and Vincenzo Garofalo (ADSP's President), the agreement focuses on enhancing the port's existing infrastructure, including construction piers, the drydock, and all lifting facilities. The objective is to leverage these assets for the construction of larger and higher-tonnage ships, both in the cruise and merchant sectors.

The total investment amounts to EUR 80 million, with EUR 40M in public funding. This includes EUR 20M for the new construction pier and EUR 20M for the extension of the existing drydock, along with securing the breakwater. The remaining EUR40M will be a private investment by Fincantieri, part of the process for obtaining the new state concession for the next 40 years. This investment will be dedicated to advancing shipbuilding activities in the port of Ancona.

Fincantieri's private investment comprises industrial projects aimed at achieving high production and quality standards, adhering to international sector norms, and emphasizing environmental sustainability and improved work safety.

This program agreement builds on the 2018 MoU/Memorandum of Understanding for strategic infrastructural investments in shipbuilding in Port Ancona, previously signed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Authority. The subsequent ministerial decree approved public financing of EUR 40 million.