World's largest cruise ship Icon OTS welcomes world's largest Kinetic Sculpture

   January 25, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

RCI-Royal Caribbean's newest vessel - Icon of the Seas, now hosts the world's largest kinetic art sculpture, known as The Pearl.

Conceived by the Brooklyn NYC-based new media artist studio Breakfast, The Pearl stands at an imposing height of 14+ meters (~45 feet), boasts a diameter of 16 meters (~52 feet), and is constructed from ~3000 computer-driven kinetic tiles. The structure spans 4 decks (4, 6, 7, 8).

Beyond its sheer size, The Pearl distinguishes itself by its ability to encapsulate the essence of the ocean. Emulating natural occurrences such as rolling waves, gentle breezes, shooting stars, and the dynamic ocean surface, the sculpture draws inspiration from the serenity and unpredictability of the sea. The arrangement of tiles follows a Fibonacci sequence, mirroring patterns observed in marine life.

What sets The Pearl apart is its interactive design. The sculpture's movements are influenced by real-time tidal and wind data from the Caribbean, allowing it to continually transform, mirroring the current environmental conditions in a perpetually evolving display of tranquility or intensity.

The realization of The Pearl took 4+ years of dedicated work by Breakfast's team, encompassing phases of conceptualization, design, and the customized fabrication of each component. This extended period underscores the studio's commitment to craftsmanship and meticulous execution.