Saga launches 5 new travel insurance plans for the 50+ market

   June 16, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

The UK-based company and travel brand Saga, specializing in products and services for individuals over 50, has unveiled an expanded suite of travel insurance offerings.

Leveraging extensive customer research, Saga has introduced a new range of travel insurance products designed to meet the increasing demand for more tailored insurance packages. This development is informed by Saga's in-house research and insight division, which continuously surveys the over-50 demographic to understand their preferences and requirements.

The enhanced range now includes 5 products, up from the previous two, offering 3 levels of Single Trip coverage and two levels of Annual Multi-trip coverage. This expansion aims to provide greater flexibility and protection for a variety of travel experiences, from weekend city breaks to luxurious long-haul vacations.

Key benefits for customers include:

  • Enhanced flexibility to customize coverage, with options for higher cancellation limits, improved excess terms, and longer trip durations.
  • Up to GBP 20,000 in cancellation coverage under the Plus Single Trip plan, reinforcing Saga's market leadership.
  • Introduction of zero excesses on new policies, eliminating additional deductions for both new and past customers. Currently, Saga requires only one excess per claim.
  • Increased trip limits, allowing up to 180 days of travel per policy year.
  • Continued coverage for most pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Delayed Flight Assistance, which offers access to LoungeKey airport lounges for customers experiencing flight delays.

This new product launch aligns with Saga's strategic goal to become the preferred brand for older individuals in the UK, providing a variety of curated products and services for those over 50. Saga’s research indicates that customers prioritize protection against medical emergencies, transport delays, and cancellations, and these new policies are designed to address these concerns comprehensively.