Disney's new cruise port Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point welcomes first tourists

   June 19, 2024 ,   Cruise Industry

DCL-Disney Cruise Line officially introduced its newest exclusive cruise port/private island destination in The Bahamas - Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point.

Lookout Cay began welcoming guests with a preview cruise on Disney Magic ship on June 6th, followed by an inaugural visit by Disney Fantasy ship starting June 8th.

The development project is part of DCL's broader investment strategy, which includes a US$60 billion expenditure on its Disney Experiences segment over the next decade. This segment also includes the upcoming Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, set to debut on June 28, 2024. The investment in Lookout Cay alone ranges from US$250 million to US$400 million.

Lookout Cay's creation generated 300+ construction jobs for Bahamians and will provide at least 150 operational jobs, ensuring year-round employment. Disney Cruise Line's operations are projected to contribute US$70+ million annually to the Bahamian GDP. According to an Oxford Economic study, the new destination is expected to enhance Bahamian GDP by US$800+ million and increase government revenues by US$355+ million over 25 years.

Environmental considerations were a key focus in the development of Lookout Cay. Only 16% of the 900 acres purchased were developed, primarily for low-density uses like beach chairs and umbrellas. The pier was designed to extend into deep water, eliminating the need for dredging. DCL conducted a scientific assessment of the ocean floor to avoid coral reefs, and viable corals within the pier's footprint were relocated to support local reef health.

On the consumer side, Lighthouse Point is committed to sustainability, featuring zero-plastic products as part of Disney’s zero-waste-to-landfill initiative. Guests will find edible straws instead of plastic ones and elevated boardwalks to protect the island's flora and fauna.

With the opening of Disney Lookout Cay at Lighthouse Point, Disney Cruise Line is poised for future growth, including the launch of Disney Treasure ship in December 2024 and the arrival of the ships Disney Adventure and Disney Destiny in 2025.