AIDA Cruises Ship Suffers Rough Seas

   January 16, 2017 ,   Accidents

On Friday night, the journey of AIDAprima (ship operated by AIDA Cruises) was a horror trip for her passengers.

At about 9:00 p.m., while returning to Hamburg, there were extremely strong winds in the North Sea. The meter-high waves were recorded by AIDAprima, which was on the last stage of a one-week European cruise, as the "Bild" newspaper reports. 

The ship suddenly began to roll. The pool then ran over, chairs, tables and glasses slipped from one side to the other. In a video, a crew member is heard, advising the passengers to go under deck in safety or "take care of themselves".

The eyewitnesses told the "Bild" newspaper that the captain had said "we should go into the cabins". But that was easier said than done: she could hardly keep her feet. In addition, she had seen injured people and people who had fallen into panic.

When the Captain changed the course, it became more calm onboard. The AIDA company confirmed the incident.

"It is true that AIDAprima was affected by the impact of the stormy Egon, which occurred all over Germany, during the night from Friday to Saturday, but the ship was safe at all times ", the opinion states.

There were 3 injured. 2 passengers suffered bruises, another a fracture. They were taken to a hospital in Hamburg on Saturday morning.

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