How to Plan a College Spring Break Cruise

   April 15, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Like with all other important endeavors, for your college spring break cruise to unfold as smoothly as you would like, it is crucial that you take time to plan it all. However, with the flurry of cruising options available, planning this exciting expedition can be somewhat overwhelming. This is especially so when you look at the number of things to consider ranging from the ideal cabin for you, minimum age restrictions, to how to find the right fit within your budget. 

While it may initially appear like a lot to absorb, if you take time to plan, do your homework, as well as consult with the right individuals, you are sure to get the ideal cruise for your college break.  To help you work it all out, herein is everything you need to know as you plan your college spring break cruise. 

1. Get familiar with the fine print: 

Unlike on other days and occasions, cruise lines may usually decide to put some restrictions on their offerings during spring break sailings. One of the most typical examples is the beverage package. On the Norwegian Cruise Line, for instance, the minimum age requirements for drinking while on board is 18 years old while there are those only allow drinking for individuals who have attained a minimum age of 21 years. 

What’s more, age restriction is yet another factor you ought to be familiar with while booking your voyage.  This is because some cruise lines have age restrictions when it comes to booking cabins, something that may inconvenience your group of 21-year old colleagues looking to have a great time. 

Although it may seem like an exhausting process, especially if you are a college student rushing to submit your assignments on time before you finally break for spring, you can always get help ( for your assignments to focus on familiarizing yourself with various cruise line policies.  Researching on the different requirements of a cruise line or shop could save you a potential heartbreak as you are getting ready to book, or worse when you are already onboard.

2. Plan your cruise around a group: 

If you are planning to travel with a group of colleagues, it is essential that each of you be on the same page when it comes to your vacation plans to avoid disappointments later. You need to communicate with the entire group, and one way to get it going is for everyone to create a list of everything necessary as well as discuss what each of you can afford.

Moreover, ensure that everyone is involved in the planning process not to mention share responsibilities to ensure you accommodate everyone. You can dissect the entire process into various individual duties so that the planning process becomes more manageable and assign tasks to every individual. 

3. Create a spending limit: 

If you are worried about spending way above what you can afford (and you should), then it is crucial that you establish a spending limit before you get cruising.  While you may still have to swipe your card to enjoy the various amenities while onboard including drinks, the spa, among others, you can, however, decide to fund everything onboard with cash as a precaution. Why? Unlike swiping a card, having a specific amount of money while on board means that it will eventually run out forcing you to stick to your budget.  

4. Match the ship and cruise line to your travel style: 

Although it might appear as though there is a need to place so much emphasis on the right cruise ship or line, taking time to do this before booking may save you from unnecessary inconveniences and surprises like parents from unwanted partygoers and partygoers from an invasion of kids. 

Narrow down your options by checking out various spring break cruise reviews from different previous cruisers. What's more, it is important to note that not every ship within a given brand affords the same onboard amenities. As such, take time to identify and evaluate the allures on the specific ship you are considering. 


Spring break cruises come with a unique set of conditions which cruisers making their trip during such periods need to be prepared for; hence the necessity to carefully plan before setting sail. From massive groups of college students unwinding after their exams to an influx of school-aged kids, knowing what to expect and planning effectively for it can go a long way in ensuring you get the experience you are looking forward to. Luckily for you, this brief but comprehensive excerpt can guide you to a smooth and unforgettable spring break experience.