VIDEO: The Most Powerful All-Electric Ferry in the World Christened in Denmark

   June 3, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

The most powerful all-electric ferryboat in the world will soon be operating on a 22 nautical miles (25 ml / 41 km) crossing between Denmark's islands Aero and Fynshav. It is 7 times the length of any other route now served by an all-electric (plug-in) ferryboat.

Christened "Ellen" at an official ceremony on June 1 at Soby Shipyard in Soby (Aero Island's northernmost town), the E-ferry has LOA length 60 m, breadth approx 13 m, cruising speed 13-15,5 knots, passenger capacity 198 (during summer, dropping to 147 during winter months) and cargo capacity 31 cars (or 5 trucks) on its open deck.

With a 4,3 MWh battery pack (currently the biggest installed on a marine vessel) it's also world's first electric ferry without an emergency back-up generator.