Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Ship Safety

   August 19, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

We all dream about embarking on a luxurious cruise and start an adventure to the heart of the ocean. Being surrounded by crystal-blue water, the clear sky, and the salty smell of the water is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. You will be taken to the most exotic places, have the most unique experiences, and disconnect from your everyday life for a little bit.

Most cruise ships offer a luxurious experience with unique services, top accommodation, fine-dining restaurants, and lots of fun activities for people of all ages. The cruise industry has experienced a surprising boom in the last several years because more and more individuals want to experience a trip on the deepest waters on our planet. Until recently, taking a vacation on a cruise ship was only accessible to the individuals from the society’ elite. However, in the last several years, the cruise industry has become more accessible to the middle class too as more and more cruise companies offer affordable vacation options.

From offering private spas to shopping boutiques, casinos, and even planetariums, today’s cruise ships really sound like a corner of the Paradise. Yet, despite the unique experience they offer, cruise ships still have a bad reputation regarding the safety issues. the floating paradises can expose their passengers to a multitude of risks and calamities.

Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Ship Safety

Most common cruise incidents

Is it really safe to go on a cruise ship holiday? The answer to that question highly depends on the professionalism of the cruise staff, its captain, and sometimes on the will of Mother Nature. 

Nowadays, cruise ships are designed and built to be extremely resistant to all types of unfavourable weather conditions including stormy seas, high humidity levels, and strong winds. However, there are still a number of safety hazards that can happen. While some can be prevented by the highly trained staff and experienced captains, others can happen due to uncontrollable reasons such as extreme weather conditions. Here are the most common cruise ships incidents that can put the passengers in risk:

  • Slippery surfaces - The most common safety hazard on cruise ships are represented by slippery surfaces which often result in all types of injuries. Due to high humidity levels and, the surfaces of the cruise ship become extremely slippery. Sometimes, the staff of the ship fails to properly clean the outdoor areas of the ship to keep it dry and safe for the passengers to walk on. slipping on the deck of the ship can lead to injuries and traumas such as back or neck injuries.
  • Tripping injuries - Poorly placed low-level equipment used by the cruise staff often results in tripping injuries. The passengers don’t know the exact placement of the ship equipment and are often exposed to the risk of tripping and falling.
  • Stormy seas - One of the most hazardous safety issue you may expose yourself to while taking a cruise holiday is being injured by an ocean storm. In front of the powerful Mother Nature, even the staff of the ship is helpless. However, an experienced captain should have the ability to deal with extreme weather conditions and keep the passengers of the ship safe at all times.
  • Food poisoning - Food poisoning is rarely a severe injury but it is very common during long cruise trips. The food served to the passengers has been embarked on the ship before the start of the journey. Thus, if the ship doesn’t have the right equipment such as refrigerators, the food can go bad and become a real safety risk to the health of the passengers.
  • Lack of enough lifeboats - According to the Maritime Law, all cruise ships need to be equipped with enough lifeboats to transport all passengers in case of an accident. However, sometimes these regulations may not be respected in order to add extra space to the cruise, thus putting all passengers in danger in case of a hazardous situation.
  • Lack of medical equipment - Cruise ships need to be able to offer the most basic emergency care to sick passengers in case of injuries or illnesses. However, it can sometimes happen for the medical staff of the cruise ship to lack medical equipment and medicines.

Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Ship Safety

How to stay safe

Staying safe on a cruise ship holiday is, first of all, your responsibility. When embarking on a cruise ship for a unique holiday, you need to make sure that your safety is your top priority so that you can fully enjoy your experience on the ocean. Here’s how to stay safe during your cruise ship trip:

  • Remain calm - First of all, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is to remain calm. It is common for passengers of cruise ships to experience intense anxiety due to the thought of being trapped in the middle of the ocean. If there is an emergency situation happening, you must remain calm and listen to the advice and directions given by the staff of the ship.
  • Check out the evacuation map - All ships display the evacuation map of the ship on the back of the cabin doors. It is the physical route that passengers need to follow in case of an accident or hazardous situation.
  • Don’t jump overboard - Never! No matter the reason, you shouldn’t even consider jumping overboard. In case of a ship accident, most passengers feel tempted to jump overboard to escape from the sinking ship. However, you won’t be able to swim your way back to the shore. Wait for the staff to prepare the lifeboats and embark safely in one of them.
  • Pay attention to slippery areas - As mentioned before, slippery surfaces are the most common safety hazards on cruise ships. Although the staff is responsible to clean them and ensure a safe walkable area, you need to pay extra attention to avoid suffering an injury in case the employees of the ship fail to do so.
  • Protect your rights - If you have been a victim of an injury or illness caused by the incompetence of the ship staff or the lack of proper equipment, you need to contact a solicitor from the most reputable law firms to help you protect your rights and file a complaint against the cruise line.

Everything You Need to Know About Cruise Ship Safety

Loss of life is rare in cruise ships trips. However, there are a number of other safety hazards that can lead to severe injuries. The historic incidence of accidents and safety hazards abroad cruise ships are high and often take place because of the poor training of the staff or the fact that the cruise lines don’t fully respect the safety laws and regulations.