International Cruise vs Halong Bay Cruise: Which Suits You Better?

   August 26, 2019 ,   Cruise Industry

Instead of driving a Mercedes to work, I’d rather take a splendid cruise to explore the ocean world. Obviously, it’s a fancy way to either travel overseas by international cruise or behold Vietnam’s natural wonder by Halong Bay cruise.

Cruising is one of the best ways to enjoy the peace of traveling and escape from touristy attractions. At a glance, international cruise might greatly outweigh Halong Bay cruise thanks to the massive size, wide range of activities and splendid facilities. Nevertheless, it’s pretty hard to make a wise decision while taking everything into account. Here’s a guide you need to know before you choose a destination depending on your preference.

1. Facilities and services

An international cruise houses a large number of cabins, from hundreds to thousands of cabins, which can carry a full capacity up to 5000 passengers. That’s the reason why international cruise is considered a miniature residential city where you can find plenty of bars, restaurants, cinemas, café, shops, swimming pools, gyms, beauty spas, and even amusement park.

Impressive waterpark on international cruise

In contrast, Halong Bay cruise is much smaller with only few dozens of cabins that accommodate up to 100 passengers. Except for spacious theatre and park, Halong Bay cruise offers many inclusive activities like cooking classes, squid fishing, kayaking, swimming, live music, corporate party, birthday party, wedding ceremony and Tai Chi, a physical exercise good for balance, fitness and flexibility.

Passengers are doing Tai Chi exercise on Halong Bay cruise

Overall, international cruise is superior to Halong Bay cruise in term of convenience and serviceability. Being isolated from the ground, international cruise must be a floating resort in a dreamy world.

2. Itinerary

The itinerary of international cruise usually includes a great variety of cross-border destinations where you can discover new beauty spots and new cultures in many countries. However, it takes travelers only 7-10 days to be onboard as well as to visit all places on mainland. As a result, the limited time on each port can lead to unfulfilled experience and lack of sightseeing time. Imagine you spending most of time onboard with recreational activities, little open space and internet limitations. Such a tedious journey to travel abroad.

When it comes to Halong Bay cruise’s excursion, 2-3 days are long enough to cruise around the land of descending dragon and contemplate the marvellous landscape of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. There’s a balance between the length of time onboard and on land, then take your time soaking up the scenic atmosphere in Halong Bay. Booking a Halong Bay cruise, you can feast your eyes on the world heritage site at close range. Also, you’ll have the chance to visit local villages and get deeper insights into their traditions.

Tourists enjoy cycling to a local village in Halong Bay

On the whole, the itinerary of international cruise seems to be more diversified but less convenient than Halong Bay cruise. Actually, it depends on which types of experience you want to get.

3. Safe and security

On an international cruise full of passengers, it’s inevitable to avoid the large crowd and annoyance in public areas. Equally, there’s a higher chance of insecurity and scams like stealing and pickpocket. Despite the reliable staff on cruise, you should be watchful with strangers and make sure your properties in sight all time. Another drawback of enormous cruises is that some of those are built for speed varying from 24 to 30 knots (one knot is one nautical mile per hour or 6,076 feet per hour). It’s such a risky experience to travel that fast during a long journey on the ocean.

The crowds on international cruise might be a threat to passengers

In comparison, the little space of Halong Bay cruise is easily controlled by 24-hour security and timely assistance. Additionally, passengers will feel much more safe and sound since Halong Bay is known as the sea of tranquility in Vietnam. However, the sea is no longer calm whenever the storm is coming, so it’s best to avoid stormy season (July – August) if you tend to visit Halong Bay in the future.

Generally, you can feel the calm and cozy atmosphere on Halong Bay cruise while international cruise is a hustle and bustle place giving you excitement.

4. Expenses

With respect to expenditures, international cruise prices start at average cost of US $80 per person per day. However, this is an average price based on people sharing the same cabin. Besides, there are lots of exclusive costs of many entertainment activities, food and drink that ship board doesn’t offer. All in all, you can expect a week on cruise to cost a person roughly US$650 or more.

Due to limited services and short time, one passenger merely bears the cost of US $200 – $400 in total on Halong Bay cruise. Nevertheless, the average cost can be down a half thanks to multitude promotional programs. In Vietnam, there is range of travel companies offering featured deals of Halong Bay cruise at the best price around US$120 – $180 per person for a couple of days.

All things considered, international cruise gives you luxurious accommodation, recreation and a suite life on board while Halong Bay cruise brings home to you with coziness, peace and security. Both are worth experiencing to let your hair down and immerse in the ocean vibe. Let’s pack your suitcase. The ocean is calling and you must go.